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This Indenture, made by and between THE SALTVILLE LAND CO., a Corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Virginia, Party of the First Part, and Morton Akers #528

Party of the Second Part, Witnesseth, that said Party of the First Part has leased and does hereby lease to said Party of the Second Part, by the month, so long as the Lessee shall remain in the employ of The Mathieson Alkali Works, for the monthly rent of fifteen 00/10 Dollars, payable on the 1st or 15th day of each month for preceding month, the following described premises, to wit: Tenement No. 171 situated in Saltville Va

And the said Party of the Second Part covenants with the said Party of the First Part to lease said premises and to pay the rent therefor, as aforesaid, that he will commit no waste, nor suffer the same to he committed thereon, nor injure nor misuse the same; and, also, that he will not assign this Lease, nor underlet a part, nor the whole of said leased premises, nor make alterations therein, nor use the same for any purpose but that hereinbefore authorized, without written permission from the said Party of the First; but will deliver up the same at the expiration or sooner determination of...………………tenancy, in as good condition as they now are in as good condition as they now are in, ordinary wear, fire, and other unavoidable casualties expected.

Provided, However, and it if further agreed that of the said rent shall remain unpaid twenty days after the same shall become payable as aforesaid or if the said Party of the Second Part shall assign this Lease, or underlet or otherwise dispose of the whole or any part of said demised premises, or use the same for any purpose but the hereinbefore authorized, or make any alternation therein without the consent of the Party of the First Part in writing, or shall commit waste, or suffer the same to be committed on said premises, or injure, or misuse the same, or cease to be employed by the Mathieson Alkali Works, either by being discharged or refusing to work, then this Lease shall thereupon expire and terminate, and the Party of the First Part may, at any time there after, re-enter said premises and the same have and posses as of its former estate, and, without such re-entry recover possession thereof in the manner prescribed by law, it being understood that no demand for the rent, and no re-entry, is hereby expressly waived by the said Party of the Second Part.

And it is further agreed between the Parties hereto, That whenever this Lease shall terminate, either by lapse of time, or by virtue of any of the express stipulations therein, the said Lease hereby waives all right to any notice to quit possession, and all right whatever to all crops and vegetables growing upon the leased premises.

And it is further agreed, That in case of termination of this Lease, so much of any debt which may be owing from the Mathieson Alkali Works in the Lease, as shall amount to 30 days' shall not be payable till said premises are vacated, and that the Mathieson Alkali Works shall have a right to deduct the rent of said premises till they are vacated and the legal cost of obtaining possession.

Said premises shall be at all times open to the inspection of said Lessor, Its agents, to applicants for purchase or lease, and for necessary repairs.

In witness whereof, the Party of the First has caused its name to signed hereunto by Geo Beuhueau its agent, and to duplicate of the same tenor and date, and the Party of the Second Part has hereunto set his hand and seal to duplicate of the same tenor and date, this 1st day of October A.D. 1900 The Saltville Land Co. By Geo Buhaueu (L. S.) Morton S. Akers (L. S.)