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General Demand For Taxes.}

Office of the Collector of Internal Revenue,

Nov. 1872 List. 2nd Division

6th District, State of Virginia Staunton, Jan 23, 1873

Mr. Wim Allison... Rapps, Mills

A tax, under the Excise Laws of the United States, amounting to.......Ten...........42/100 dollars, being for Retail Liquor Dealer has been assessed against you, and transmitted to me by the Assessor of this District. The same not having been paid within the time required by law, you became liable to pay five per centum additional upon the amount thereof, and interest at one per centum per month from the [blank] day of [blank], 186[ ], and DEMAND is hereby made upon you for the said tax, with the additional five per centum and such interest as may accrue before payment. If not paid withing ten days from the personal service of mailing hereof, it will become my duty to collect the same by distraint and sale of property.

Payment may be made to John J. Gillock at Lexington Am't of tax, $10.42 Penalty 52 Total $ 10.94

Wim H. H. Frenger Deputy Collector

Bring this notice with you.