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[written] $150.00 [/written] Staunton, VA., Aug 24 1910 [written] (Sept. 20th 1910) [/written] [strike through] months after date [/strike through] [written] I [/written] promise to pay to the order of [written] E.D. Bartley for two sorrel mare colts [/written] negotiable and payable at The Augusta National Bank of Staunton, AT STAUNTON, VA., without offset, [written] One hundred & fifty Dollars [/written] DOLLARS for value received. The maker and endorsers of this note waive demand, notice and protest. The maker of this note hereby waives the benefit of the Homestead Exemption as to the obligation thereof; and the endorsers hereby waive the benefit of the said Exemption as to the obligation of said note and as the obligation of endorsement of the same. Credit the Maker. Due [written] Sept 20 [/written] [signature written]P A Archart [/signature written] P.O. Address,