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84 } September Court, 1750.

Defts. on the Defts. motion a special Imparlance is granted them 'till the next Court.

The suit on Petition between Richard Barnard Gent. Admr. of Robert Somerville decd. Pltf. & John Alexander Deft. is continued 'till the next Court at the Plft's Costs.

The Suit on Petition between John Riley Pltf. & William Davis Exr. of Mary Smith decd. Deft. is continued at the Pltf's. Costs.

James Oneal junr. being summoned to show cause why he did not attend as an Evidence for Martha Horton, against William Ross, & Wife appeared, & having made his Excuse is discharged.

The Petition of Peter Mauzy against William Walker is dismist.

In the Action of Debt between Nathl. Gray Pltf. & James McEntosh Deft. the Deft. came into Court, & confesed Judgment to the Pltf. for one thousand & thirty four pounds of Tobacco in one Cask, whereupon its considered by the Court that the Pltf. recover hte same against him, & his Costs.

In the Suit in Chancery between Nathl. Gray Compt. & John Thomas Deft. time is given the Deft 'till the next Court to answer the Compts. Bill.

The suit in Chancery between Richard Barnard, & Philip Alexander genl. Church Wardens of St. Paul's Parish Compts. & William Stuart, Clk. Execr. of David Stuart Clk. decd. defdt. is dismist.

Deeds of Lease, Release, & Receipt from James Seaton to Burditt Clifton proved by Withers Conway. & certified.

Ordered that Gustavus Brown Esqr. pay James Scott, Clk. ninety seven pounds Tobacco, for one Days attendance as an Evidence for him against Harding, & for coming, & returning twenty four Miles once.

Ordered that Gustavus Brown Esqr. pay Thomas McKey forty nine pounds of Tobacco, & six Pence for one Days Attendance as an Evidence for him against Harding, & for coming, & returning eight Miles once together with his Ferriages at Fredericksburgh coming, & returning according to Law.

Then the Court adjourned 'till tomorrow morning 9. oClock. J. Mercer. True Transcript Val. Peyton Cl. Cur.