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96 November Court, 1750,

Stafford County Dr. ~ " ~

To Mr. Secretary Nelson by Account 234 To Mr. Mosley Batteley Kings Attorney 1800 To the Clerk by Law 1254. To do. [ditto] by Account 180 1434 To the Sheriff by Law 1254 To William Black's Account 3305 To Burdit Clifton 25 To the Sheriff for his last year's Balance 556 To Charles Harding P Account 427 To Hasel Hardwick P. Account 478 To Samuel Sympson P. Account 242 To John Stone P. Account 323 To Futurll Hall by p Account 361 To Withrs. [Withers] Conway 36 To Mrs. Fowke for timber for a Bridge 40 To William Patten for a Levy overcharged last year 15 To George Waller P. Account 234 To Commission on 10772 647 (total] 11,419


By the Rents at Caves Warehouse 6 L.10..6. sold Mr. Stuart for 865 By Squirrel's Scalps wanting 774 By 1904 Tiths [Tithes] at 6 lb. Tobacco p. Poll 11,424 [subtotal] 13,063 By a Fraction due next year 1644 [total] 11,419

Ordered that the Sheriff receive of every Tithable Person in this County six pounds of Tobacco for discharging the County Creditors, & that he acct. for the above Fraction.

Peter Daniel Gent. entered his Discent [Dissent] in the Opinion of the Court with Regard to levying Colo. Harrison's Tobacco for the Court House.

Taylor Chapman's Inventory returned, & admitted to Record.

Thomas Bunbury Junr. Inspector at Boyds Hole took the Oath prescribed by Act of Assembly which is ordered to be certified.

Henry Fitzburgh, & Richd. Foote Gent. are desired to try the wts. [weights] at Boyd's Hole Mott Doniphan, & Peter Daniel at Caves, & John Peyton, & Traverse Cooke at Acquia.

Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow Morning 9 oClock. Phiip Alexander.