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246 } March Court, 1754,

sd. defts. & their Costs by them in this behalf expended. But this Judgt. is to be discharged (the Costs excepted) on payment of three thousand four hundred pounds of like Tobacco, with Interest thereon from the twentieth day of December one thousand seven hundred & fifty one till paid. Endorsed on the Bond 28th April 1752. Willm. Sebastian paid 934 lb. crop Tobo Ann Alenthrop paid 1504 nett Do [Ditto] paid me 96 [total] 1600 Transfer in full for her part.

In the Action of debt between Stuart & Armour Plts. & Alexander Douglass deft. on motion of the Plts. by their Attorney an Attachment is granted them against his Estate for fifteen Pounds with Interest & Costs.

In the Action of Debt between Messrs. Stuart and Armour Plts. & William Greenleese Haywood Todd came into Court & undertook that if the deft. should be condemned in this Action that he would pay the Condemnation for him, or surrender his body to prison, & the deft. prayed Oyer &c. which is granted him.

In the Action of debt between Thomas Cunninghame Plt. & John Thomas deft. the deft. not appearing Judgment is granted the Plt. against him & Withers Conway his Security for what of the Sum sued for in the Declaration shall appear to be justly due unless the deft. do appear at the next Court and answer the Plts Action.

In the Action of debt between Messrs. Stuart & Armour Plts. & William Patten, & George Randall defts. the defts. came into Court, & confessed Judgment to the Plts. for eighteen Pounds. it's thereupon considered by the Court that the Plts. recover the same of the sd. defts. & their Costs by them in this behalf expended - But this Judgment is to [be] discharged (the Costs excepted) on Payment of nine Pounds six Shillings & four Pence, with Interest from the first day of September one thousand seven hundred & fifty one till paid, & upon John Payton Gentleman becoming security the Plts agree to Stay Execution three Months.

In the Suit on Attachment obtained by William Rowley Gent. against the Estate of John Whitcomb the sd. Rowley produced and made Oath to an Account against the sd. John for seven hundred thirty & nine pounds of Tobacco, & fifteen Shillings it's thereupon considered by the Court that the Plt. recover the Same of the sd. deft. & his Costs by him in this behalf expended. And the Sheriff having returned the Attachment executed on some Corn fodder, & hanging Tobacco, it's ordered that the Sheriff sell the same according to Law & satisfy the above Judgment therewith if there be Tobacco, & money enough arising by such Sale to do the same, & report to the next Court.