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December Court 1752 {201

whom he claims (having legal Notice of this Order) do appear at the next Court & make him, her, or themselves deft. or defts. in this Cause, plead the general Issue confess Lease, Entry, & Ouster, & do insist only on the Title at Tryal, Judgment shall be granted the Plt. & his Majesty's Writ of habere facias possessionem awarded the Plt. to put him In Possession thereof. In the Ejectione Firmae between Thomas Turf plt. & Timothy Twigg deft. for Land & Appurtenances in the Parish of Overwharton in this County which Henry Fitzhugh Esqr. demised to the Plt. for a Term & c. as is set forth in the Declaration Thomas Seddon being admitted deft. in the Room of the sd. Timothy Twigg pleaded not guilty & confessed Lease, Entry, & Ouster, & agreed to insist only on the Tryal, which Issue the Plt. joined & the Tryal is referred till the next Court The Action of Trespass upon the Case between Robert, & Edward Maxwells, Plts. & Peter Stacy deft. is dismist the Deft. paying Costs. In the Suit on Petition between Joseph Dunaway Plt. & James Yelton deft. Judgment is granted the Plt. for three hundred thirty & three pound of Tobacco by Account proved & Costs. In the Suit on Petition between Charles Harding Plt. & Robert Burgess deft. by Consent of the Parties all Matters of Differances between them are referred to the determination of the Reverend John Moncure & John Peyton, Gent. & their Award to be made the Judgment of the Court. Order the Joseph Dunaway pay Saml. Angel fifty pounds of Tobacco for two days attendance as an Evidence for him against Yelton. Order that the Inspectors of Caves sell the old Scale Beam belonging to that Warehouse & Account for the Sale thereof at the laying of the next Levy

       Then the Court adjourned till Court in Course

True Transcrip Mott Doniphan

       Test Val. Peyton Clk Cur.

At a Court held for Stafford County 12th of Decr. 1752 Present} John Peyton, Peter Daniel Francis Thornton, & John Stuart {Gentlemen A new Commission of the Peace for this County being produced & read together with a dedimus for administring the Oaths Francis Thornton Gentleman & John Stuart pursuant to the sd. dedimus administred the several Oaths to John Mercer Gent. who subscribed the Test & abjuration Oath & then administred the sd. Oaths to the sd. Francis Thornton, John Stuart, John Peyton, & Peter Daniel who sub-