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{ 313 July Court 1754.

In the Suit in Chancery between Charles Wells, & Benjamin Robinson Complts. and Thomas Vivion & Peter Daniel Gent defts. upon hearing of the Bill, Answer, & Replication, & Depositions of the Witnesses, & Arguments of the Parties thereupon, it's ordered, decreed, & adjudged that a perpetual Injunction be granted the Complts. & it's further ordered that the Complaints. recover of the sd. defts. their Costs by them in this behalf expended Psent [Present] John Mercer Gent.

Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9.OClock John Mercer.

At a Court continued & held for Stafford County 11th July 1754.

Present } John Mercer, John Peyton John Stith & Baily Washington {Gentlemen

In the Action of debt between Hugh Mitchel Plt. & William Davis deft. the Deft. having pleaded that he owes nothing the Plt. joined the Issue & the Trial thereof is referred till the next Court.

In the Action of debt between Richard Bernard Gent. Plt. & Thomas Fleeman Execur. of the last Will & Testament of Henry Rynolds decd. the defs. not appearing Judgment is confirmed to the Plt. against him for forty two pounds eight Shillings & nine pence, With Interest thereon from the second day of March one thousand seven hundred & forty seven eight [sic], till paid, of the Goods & Chattles of the sd. Testator in the hands of the sd. deft. if so much he hath in his hands & if he hath not so much in his hands then the Costs of the proper Goods & Chattles of the sd. Executor.

Ordered that John Payton pay Thomas Spalding seventy one pounds of Tobacco for two days attendance for him as an Evidence for him at suit of Yelton & for coming & returning seven Miles once.

In the Action of debt between Michael Wallace Plt. & Robert Garrart deft. the Special Verdict in this Cause being insufficient, a new Venire is ordered at the next Court. ~