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{ 317 September Court 1754.

the Test and Abjuration Oath, ordered to be Certified. ~ Present Henry Fitzhugh, & Gerard Fowke Gentlemen

Inspectors nominated, for Boyds Hole, Baldwyn Dade, Thomas Bunbury Junr Withers Conway, & William Bunbury ~

For Caves, Thomas Monroe, Thomas Hay William Mountjoy & Cain Withers

For Aquia, Richd. Hewett, Benj Strother, William Wright, & Joseph Carter

Frances Dade Orphan of Henry Dade came into Court & made Choice of Baldwyn Dade for her Guardian who is approved of by the Court, & having entered into Bond with Security the sd. Bond is admitted to record.

Frances Price Servant to Patrick Grady came into Court & agreed to quit her Master her Freedom dues for the Time she hath to serve which agreement the Court approved of & it's ordered to be certified.

Ordered that Jane Elliott serve her Master Andrew Kenny according to Law for twenty one days runaway Time & five hundred & forty pounds of Tobacco, & five Shillings expended in taking her up.

Ordered that Richard Condron be examined on Monday the sixteenth Instant.

William Shumate acknowledged himself indebted to our Lord the King in the Sum of twenty pounds for the personal Appearance of Ann his Wife at the Courthouse of this County on the sixteenth Instant to give Evidence against Richd. Condron, & do not depart thence without Leave of the Court

In the Action of Trespass between Francis Dade Plt.. & Thomas Massey defendant, for one hundred pounds Sterling damage by Means of breaking & entering the Close of the Plt. at the Parish of Saint Pauls in this Country as is set forth in the Declaration, It's ordered (on Motion of the Plt. for a Resurvey) that the Surveyor of the sd. County in Company of an able Jury of Freeholders of this County who are no ways concerned by affinity Consanquinity, or Interest, nor liable to any other just Exception to be summoned by the Sheriff, & sworn before a Justice of the Peace for the sd. County go upon the Lands in Controversy on the first Tuesday in October next if fair, if not the next fair day, & survey, & lay off the same as either party would have it, and as the sd. Jury shall think fit, having regard to all Patents & Evidences as shall be produced by either of the Parties, & report all Matters of Fact specially to the next Court, & the Sheriff is ordered to attend the Survey to remove force (if any offered) and the Surveyor is to return three fair Plats &