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{ 319. September (called) Court, 1754

twelve of the Clock in the day as well as this Deponent remembers, Richard Condron came to the sd. Shumate's house, & after being a short time in the house asked the Deponent for Breakfast which she readily gave him & after eating his Breakfast the sd. Condron asked the Deponent for Money, to which the Deponent answered she had no Money, to which he replied there was Money in the house & Money he would have & swore he would shoot her thro' the Body if she did not give him Money, & thereupon took her husband's Gun which was leden in the Chimney & cocked it, & presented it at the Deponents Breast, making a further demand for Money, & finding he could get none, the sd. Condron carried the sd. Gun out of the house, & throw'd it in the Yard, & afterwards returned into the house & attempted to ravish the Deponent swearing he would lie with her & endeavour'd to pull up her Cloaths which she endeavoured to keep down, & after some struggle she told him that if he did not forbear, she would cry out to a Man who was not far off, altho' at the same time she knew not of any Person to come to her Assistance there not being any body but herself & a young Child in the house, or on the Plantation, her husband being gone from home two days before, & that upon the Deponent's speaking these words, the sd. Condron left her & carried her Child away with him about two or three hundred yards from the house, & there left the Child in the woods, & that she well knows the sd. Condron now Prisoner at the Bar to be the Person that committed the Offences aforementioned, & that after he was apprehended for the same she knew him as far as she could see him, & that when he came to the sd. Shumate's house & committed the sd. Offences he was cloathed with a brown Linen Shirt; & pair of Trousers, & that she was very much afrighted at the Usage she recd. of the sd. Condron at the time aforsd. & further this Deponent saith not Ann Shumate X her mark

The Deposition of William Shumate aged about twenty three years upon Oath deposeth that when this Deponent came home from Prince William on Sunday the 14th of July last he found his Wife very much frighted being then big with Child told him that a low thick squat man drest with a brown linen Shirt & pair of trousers came to the Deponents house in his Absence the day before & behaved in the Manner mentioned in her Deposition, & the Deponent enquiring about the Neighbourhood he was told it was Richard Condron by several of the Neighbours they having seen him drest in that Manner that same day & said that he looked as if he had