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320 } September (called) Court, 1754

had been doing Mischief, & very much like an Hangman, & this Deponent farther saith, that William Kendall Junr. one of Neighbours told him that as he went home from John Green's Reaping he said to his Wife that he thought Richard Condron looked more like a rogue that day than he ever saw him altho' he always looked like one & that he looked as if he had been doing Mischief & that this discourse passed between him, & his Wife the thirteenth before he had ever heard that he had been doing the Mischief mentioned in Ann Shumate's Deposition, & this Deponent sais [saith] that he had recd. some Money before the Time aforsd. but that he lent it out, & further saith not. William Shumate

The Deposition of Arthur Dent aged about thirty four years, & the Deposition of James Philips aged about fifty four years, on Oath deposeth, That on Saturday the thirteenth of July last they saw Richard Condron at John Green's Reaping about three or four O,Clock in the afternoon & was then cloathed in a brown Linen Shirt & Trousers & that he appeared to these Deponents to be in a pretty deal of Confusion & that the rest of the Company at the Reaping took notice of it & talked of it, & that at that time these Deponents did not know, or hear of the Mischief done at William Shumates that day & further these Deponents say not ~ Arthur Dent X his Mark James Phillips X his Mark

William Shumate for himself, and Ann his Wife, Arthur Dent & James Phillips severally acknowledged themselves indebted to our Sovereign Lord the King his Heirs, & Successors in the Sum of twenty pounds Sterling each to be levied on their Goods, & Tenements, Lands, & Chattles for the use of said Lord the King for their Personal Appearance at the next General Court, on the sixth day thereof to give Evidence against Richard Condron, & do not depart thence without leave of the sd. Court. John Mercer True Transcript Test Val. Peyton Clk Cur