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339 November Court, 1754 ~

as an Evidence for him against Kenny & others & for coming & returning twenty five Miles three times as also for his Ferriages at Fredericksburg coming & returning three Times according to Law.

Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9. OClock. John Mercer.

At a Court continued & held for Stafford County November 14th 1754.

Present {John Mercer, Mott Doniphan, Henry Fitzhugh Gerard Fowke, John Washington, Baily Washington} Gentlemen.

In the Action of debt between John Thornton Gent. Plt. & Andrew Kenny & others defts. defts. John Payton & others special Bail for the sd. Andrew Kenny brought the sd. Kenny into Court for their discharge, which Mosely Battaly Gent. Attorney for the Plt. refused to take there being no Execution issued against his Body

In the Action of Trespass upon the Case between Sarah McCullough Plt. & Samuel Bredwell deft, a Jury to wit, Edward Pilcher, John Clark William Porch, John Toby, William Ring, John Payton Thomas Crawford Thomas Spalding, Benjamin Robinson George Randall, John Kirk & Merrimond Tiller were Sworn to try the Issue joined who brought in their Verdict in these Words "We find for the Plt. forty Shillings Sterling damage John Peyton foreman" which Verdict at the Plt's Motion is admitted to record, & it's considered by the Court that the Plt recover of the sd. deft. the sd. forty Shillings Sterling by the Jurors aforsd. in their Verdict aforsd. assessed & her Costs by her in this behalf expended.

Ordered that William Horton who failed to attend (tho summoned) as a Witness in the Suit depending between Sarah McCullough Plt. & Samuel Bredwell deft. unless he appears at the next Court & shews Cause why he did not attend.

In the Action of Trespass upon the Case between Nathaniel Gray Plt. & William Fitzhugh Esqr. & Francis Thornton Gent. acting Execurs. of the last Will & Testament of Gilson Berryman dec'd, defts. the defts. having pleaded non-Assumpsit & fully administred [sic] the Plt. joined the Issue & the Trial thereof is referred till the next Court ~