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343 }

December called Court,      1754  ~

Gerard Fowke Gentn. took the oath & Subscribed the Test & Abjuration Oath in respect to his Majesty's Commission which is Ordered to be certified

The Court do accept of the Terms mentioned in Memorial given into Court by John Mercer Gentleman relating to the Lotts not taken up in Marlbro Town the sd. Mercer agreeing to give Bond in ten thousand Pounds to indemnify them. And the sd. Memorial is ordered to be recorded, and the Feoffees are desired to make a Conveyance of the County's Right to the twenty six Lotts mentioned in the sd. Memorial.

Ordered that John Henry pay John Chambers one hundred fifty pounds of Tobacco for six days attendance as an Evidence for him agt. Chambers

Ordered that Patrick Grady pay William Woodward one hundred & forty five pounds of Tobacco for six days Attendance as an Evidence for him against Horton, & for three Times comming [sic] & returning five Miles.

Then the Court adjourned till Court in Course John Mercer. True Transcript Test Val. Peyton Clk Cur.

At a called Court held for Stafford County 4th Decr. 1754 --

Present } John Mercer, Mott Doniphan, John Peyton Peter Daniel, Gerard Fowke, & Thomas Fitzhugh { Gentlemen.

George Carter being committed to the Goal [Gaol] of this County under the hand of John Peyton Gentn. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace of the sd. county dated the 29th day of Novr. last, for Felony, was brought to the Bar, & having heard the Evidences as well for as against him & all Matters relating to the Fact, It's the unanimous Opinion of the Court that the sd. Carter is guilty of the Felony he stands charged with, & that he be sent to Williamsburg for further Tryal.

William Wright of Stafford County aged fifty two years or thereabouts being sworn & examined, deposeth & saith, that on Sunday the 29th of Sepr. last sometime in the Afternoon this Deponents Stallion was turned out at his House, & the Horse being missing next Morning he sent two or three times to look for him, & not being to be found he concluded that he was stolen that he never heard any thing about him till the Sunday after, when he heard a Horse was killed, & cut asunder, on his going to see the