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{ 344 December called Court 1754.

the Remains of the Horse great part of which was eaten, he was satisfied it was his Horse, & several Others who saw the sd. Remains declared they were of the same Opinion, & for further Proof this Deponent got the Hoof & Shoe off one his forelegs of the sd. horse & carried it to John Nixon the Smith who had shod him who on sight thereof said he would swear it was the Shoe he had put on the sd. Deponent's Horse. William Wright.

Betty Dulin aged nineteen years or thereabouts being Sworn & examined saith That on Monday the 30th of September last about sunset she saw George Carter the Prisoner at the Bar driving before him a large black Stallion & seemed to be much tired, & the Horse attempted once or twice to take the Road that went towards William Wrights but said Carter turned him another way, & she verily believes it was the same Horse she had seen the sd. Wright ride to Church some time before. Betty Dulin B. her mark

Angel Jacobus Jordan aged eighteen years or thereabout being Sworn & examined saith that on Thursday the third of October last going home he saw a large black Stallion lying dead by the Road cut in two that this deponent turning up his Buttuck to see his Brand it appeared to him that the brand was skinned off & further saith not Angel Jacobus Jordan A his mark

Robert Ashby junr. aged thirty six years or thereabouts being sworn & examined saith that on Monday the 30th of Sepr. last sometime in the Morning he saw a Man ride by his House upon a Horse which this Deponent believed to be William Wright's Horse, who this Deponent took to be Valentine Peyton, & upon a dispute with his Wife who the Man was seeing the same Man returning some time late in the afternoon upon the same Horse he walked out & discovered the Man to be George Carter the Prisoner at the Bar, & further saith not Robert Ashby

William Tolson aged sixteen Years or thereabouts being sworn & examined saith that on Monday the thirtieth of September last early in the Morning he saw George Carter prisoner at the Bar riding up Brent Town Road upon a large black Horse & further saith not. William Tolson X his Mark