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345 } December (called) Court 1754.

Snodall Horton junr. aged twenty four Years or thereabouts being sworn & examined saith that on Monday I met a man early in the Morning riding up the road, & in the Evening of the same day I met the same man & Horse returning, & I believe the man was George Carter to whom I spoke & asked him if his Horse was tired & he said, "yes, which vext him much & he said he had been at Mr. Footes, this was about half a Mile from where I heard the Horse was killed, & then Monday I saw him was that Monday before the following Sunday when I first heard of the horse being killed. Snodal Horton S his Mark

Charles Harding aged fifty one or thereabouts being Sworn & examined saith that on Monday the thirtieth of Sepr. as he was standing by the Road side he saw a man riding down the Road upon a large black Stallion, branded with an, O, on the near Buttock which was William Wright's Horse, & the man he does not positively know, & on the friday following he saw the same Horse further down the same Road dead, & his brand cut, & further saith not. Charles Harding

John Nixon, aged forty seven years or thereabouts being first sworn & examined, saith that the Horse, & Shoe, of a foreleg of a horse that was dead & shewed to my by William Wright was the Hoof & Shoe of the sd. Wright's Horse that I had some time before shod, & further saith not. John Nickson

William Wright, Nicholas Dulin for Betty his Wife, Angel Jacobus Jordan, Robert Ashby junr. William Toalson, Snodal Horton junr. Charles Harding, & John Nixon severally acknowledged themselves indebted to our sovereign Lord the King his Heirs, & Successors, each in the Sum of twenty pounds Sterling to be levied on their Goods & Chattles, Lands, & Tenements for the use of our sd. Lord the King in case they fail to appear at the Capitol in Williamsburgh on the sixth day of the next General Court to give Evidence against George Carter, & do not depart thence without Leave of the sd. Court. John Mercer. True Transcript, Test Val. Peyton Clk Cur.