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{ 346. March called Court 1755.

At a called Court held for Stafford Count March 8th. 1755.

Present { John Peyton, Peter Daniel, Gerard Fowke Thomas Fitzhugh, John Washington, Baily Washington } Gent.

John Frazier & William Thompson being committed to the Goal [Gaol] of this County by a Mittimus under the hand of John Washington gent. dated the 28th of February last, for Felony, & having heard the Evidences as well for as against them, & all Matters relating to the Fact, It's the Court's Opinion that they be sent to Williamsburg for a farther Trial ~

Andrew Grant the younger aged eighteen years or thereabouts being sworn & examined, deposeth, & saith that the Goods, here in Court produced, are belonging to the Store kept by his Father, & that he was present with William Stribling when the same were taken out of the Possession of John Frazier, & further saith not. Andrew Grant junr.

William Stribling aged twenty three years or thereabouts, being sworn & examined, saith that upon being informed by one of his Servants that John Frazier had some new Goods in his Possession searched, & finding the same in his Box, went, & acquainted Mr. Grant upon which the sd. Grant got a Warrant & had him the sd. Frazier taken up, & asking him how he came by the sd. Goods, said he brought them into the Country with him, & further saith not. William his X mark Stribling

John Frazier being examined, saith that the Goods found upon him was given to him, in the Night by William Thompson between the Door, & Door Post (the Door being locked) of Mr. Grants Store House, and farther this Examinant sais [saith] not John his X mark Frazier