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347 } March (called) Court 1755.

William Thompson being examined saith that he gave the Goods produced in Court to John Frazier in the Night between the Door, & Doorpost of Mr. Grant's Store (the Door being locked) being overpersuaded by the sd. Frazier so to do. William Thompson.

Andrew Grant, & William Stribling acknowledged themselves indebted to our Lord the King each in the Sum of twenty pounds sterling to be levied on their Goods, & Chattles Lands & Tenements for the use of our said Lord the King in Case they fail to appear at the Capitol in Williamsburgh on the sixth day of the next General Court to give Evidence against John Frazier & William Thompson, & do not depart thence without leave of the sd. Court, then this Cognizance to be void. Mott Doniphan

At a Court held for Stafford County 11th March 1755

Present { Mott Doniphan, John Peyton, Peter Daniel, Henry Fitzhugh, John Stith, John Washington, & Thomas Fitzhugh } Gent.

Ordered that Liquors stand rated as before

Burditt Clifton on his Motion hath his Ordinary Licence renewed ~

Ordered that Sarah Pestridge appear at the next Court to answer the Petition of Henry Smith, & Jesse Moss ~ Present John Peyton, Baily Washington Gent.

Ordered that the Church Wardens of Overwharton Parish bind John Rapier to William Ross junr. according to Law ~

Ordered that the Churchwardens of St. Pauls parish bind Edward Conner, & William Shearer according to Law.

Ordered that Agness McCollister serve her Master John Ralls according to Law for six days runaway time, & ten Shillings, & one