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272 } May Court, 1754

four [sic] till the same is paid

In the Action of debt between Alexander Grant Plt. & John Thomas deft. Withers Conway, Thomas Bunbury junr. & Colclough Stribbling came into Court & undertook that if the deft. should be condemned in this Action that they would pay the Condemnation for him, or surrender his Body to Prison, & the deft. on his Motion hath a Special Imparlance granted him till the next Court.

In the Ejectione Firmæ between Thomas Turff Plt. & Henry Fitzhugh Esqr. deft, for Lands & Appurtenances in the Parish of Overwharton in this County which Henry Tyler demised to the Plt. for a Term &c. as is set forth in the declaration, it's ordered that the Surveyor of the sd. County go on the Lands in Controversy on the second Saturday in June next if fair, if not the next fair day & survey & lay off the same as either Party would have it, having regard to all Pattents & Evidences as shall be produced by either of the Partys & report all Matters of Fact specially to the next Court, & the Sheriff is to attend the Survey to remove force (if any offered) & the Surveyor is to return three fair Platts & reports to the Clerk's Office in due time before the Day of hearing.

In the Ejectione Firmæ between Solomon Saveall Plt. & Thomas Vivion deft. the deft. for Lands, & Appurtenances in the Parish of Saint Paul in this County which Burdett Clifton demised to the Plt. for a Term &c. as is set forth in the declaration.~ The Surveyor of the sd. County in Company of an able Jury of Freeholders being met upon the Lands in Controversy & the Jury being sworn & having surveyed & laid off the Lands as either of the said Parties would have it by Consent of the said Parties all Matters in difference between them were referred to the sd. Jury & agreed that their Award should be made the Judgment of the Court & is as follows "We do award & agree That the Land laid of by the deft. Thomas Vivion is the Property, & right Land of Capt. Burdett Clifton by a Purchase made from John Sowell for fifty Acres of Land, & we farther award, agree, & order that each man pay his own Costs respectively expended in the above mentioned dispute, & farther we award, & adjude that instead of running from the Gum a Corner of the head Line as the Surveyor run, the sd. Clifton is to hold & occupy as far as the Branch & run, & so running down the sd. Branch to the other Branch making to the Beech Tree the beginning". It's thereupon considered by the Court.