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33 M Page

Mullen vs Sharpe Disml 3 Same dismissed 6 Mountjoy Thomas appd Commissary 10 Murphy Alexr. Deed to Johnson & Cooper 13 Mauzy Johns Inventory 17 Morson to Maddox Lease 18 Mason Joseph appd 1st Lut 20 Morson to Mountjoy Lease 22 Mountjoy Wm allowed for pasturage ibid Mercer Fras John appd Colo 25 Martin James will proved 32 _______Exr. qualifyd ibid _______Apprs. appd ibid Martins Mary & Elizth. [Elizabeth] guardian qualifyd 32 Martin James Inventory returned 34 Mercer Fras. John qualifyd as attorney at law 64 Mountjoy and Hewitt an allowance made [illegible] ibid Mountjoy vs Suthard 66 Mullin vs Carter 67 Mason vs Gray 67 Mountjoy vs Mason Pilcher Ibid [Morson?] Arthur qualfyd as Justice 68 Moore to Revely Bond ibid Martin vs Bennett 82 Murdock vs Innis ibid Massey vs Carter 83 Matthews Exr. vs Barbee ibid Moren vs Charles Grigsby ibid Masons Exrs. vs Lunsford & Brent 84 Massey vs Spooner ibid Moss vs Potes ibid McCoul & McCoy vs Pilcher ib Massey vs Yates Exrs. 85 Massey vs Fowke ib Mains Henry set Levy free 88 Muirehead vs Hewitt 89 Same vs Hewit 89 Mason vs Arrosmith ib Morson vs Same ib Messings will proved 90 ________apprs. [appraisers] appd ib Mason vs Gray 95 Musselman to Woodrow Deed 103 Mountjoy and Banks recommend. as [illegible] 104 Martin vs Fox & Alexander 107 Maddox vs Hughes ibid Musselman to Woodrow Mort 108

M Page

McDaniel vs [illegible] 112 Midlen vs Woodrow ib McCowl vs Brown 114 Moss vs Potes & Berry [no pg. number] Matthews Exr vs Barby 115 do vs do ib Minor vs Edwards 116 Monroe vs Ford 117 Mauzy vs Weeks 119 Mullin vs Carter 120 Muirhead vs [Hewit?] 121 do vs do ib [Matlin?] vs Fox & Alexander 122 Maddox vs Hughes ib Morson to Maddox Lease ib Mullen Wm. Ovr Road 124 Mason Danl. do ib Mason vs Miller 132 Mason Daniel's admn. Bond 136 do [ditto] 143 Martin Charles Guardn/ Bond 144 Mason Georges Adm. Bond 150 Moss vs Potes 167 Mauzy vs Suthard 169 Martin vs Fox & Alexander 170 Maddox vs Hughes ib Mullen vs Woodrow 171 Mauzy vs Weeks ib Mullen vs Carter ib Mountjoy Thos confd. as Coroner 174 Mountjoy to Mountjoy Deed ib Magistrates appd. take lists taxable property 175 Mauzy vs Suddeth 188 Murphy Peters admn accts. settled 177 Morson Arthurs List taxable property 179 Moncures will proved 181 ________apprs. [appraisers] appd ib Muse vs Wallace 184 Matthews & Waller vs Laverty 185