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39 alias H Page

Brought from 27

Hansbeough vs Welford 315 Hunter &c to Helton Power Atto. 316 Hedgman vs Knox ib Hansbrough Waughs Exrs 322 Hedgman vs Knox et al 324 Hansbrough pay Hansbrough att [attendance] wit [witness] 325 Same pay Holloway ib Hewitt pt. pd. for ye Ct House ib Harding petns. for Land 326 Hedgmen &c to Hewitt Deed ib Hunter vs Hord ib Hite vs Robertsons Exrs 327 Hopwood vs Frensly ib Hackleys Exr. vs Farmers adr ib Hardy vs Edwards ib Hansbrough vs Welford 328 Hooe vs Howe 329 Hewitt pd. for ye Court house ib Hewit Rachel sumd. [summoned] 331 Hudson vs Bridges ib Hunter &c vs Revely 333 Hewitts Exx. [Executrix] vs Adie ib Huber vs Carter ib [Hoed?] vs Banks ib Hughes to Kendall Deed 337 Harrison Matthew qual'd as Atto. 338 Hansbrough to Horton Deed ib Hardy to Brown Deed 339 Hansbrough Exr &c to Pritchard 341

alias H Page

Hower vs Lotspike 343 Harrison Exr. vs Ford ib Hansbrough vs Welford ib Hyden vs Smiths 345 Hill vs Garrard ib Hite adr. &c vs Lewis adr 346 Hite sumd [summoned] 347 Hewitt vs Cooke ib Hill vs Garrard 348 Hackleys Exrs vs Farmers adr ib Hainsbro' to Ralls [illegible] 354 Hooes will proved ib Hooes Exr. qual'd 355 ______apprs [appraisers] appo'd ib Hewitt Racl. [Rachel] order for her summons cont 356 Hoees Exr vs Howe 361 Same vs Same ibid Hardy vs Duncan 363 Hansbroughs Exors vs Payne &c 364 Harrisons Exors vs Ford 365 Hite adr. &c vs Lewis's adx 366 Hewit vs Cooke &c ib Hardy & Uxr. vs Hedgman 367 Hewitt Racl [Rachel] gives counter Secy of [illegible] 368 Hackleys Exr vs Garrard ib Hord vs Banks 370 Hewitts Exrs vs Strothers adr 372 Hite adr &c vs Vowles ib See H again after the B that is after W. say [sic] page } 69