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40 P Page

Peytons ordinary Licence renewed 3 Peyton & Threlkeld agree with [illegible] person for a prison ib Payne Daniel appointed commissioner 4 Phillips to Patterson Lease 5 Pullins Jere's Inventory returned 6 Powers et Uxr. To [Frentell?] Deed 7 Philips to Edrington Deed 8 Prison ordered to be viewed 9 Payne Daniels accts [agt.?] the Commnrs of [Grain?] 10 Same exempt as commsr. ib Porter Charles make choice of a Guardian 11 Prim James appd Capt militia 12 Peyton Yelvorton appd receiver of provision 13 Peyton Evans will proved 14 Peyton Yelvorton appd to receive the [illegible] 15 Phillips Wm appd Colo 18 Primm James Capt qualfyd 19 Peyton John [illegible] nominated Inspector 20 Peace Gentlemen recommended to comsn. of 23 Peyton [I?] Rouzy allowed for feeding pub cattle 24 ______qualifyd as Justice of peace 25 Pilcher Mason qualify'd as DS [Deputy Sheriff] ibid Primm James qualify'd [do?] Ibid Pollard John appd commsr ibid Pilcher Stephen Est acct. settled ibid Phillips Wm Colo [red?] ibid Peyton Yelverton's admnstx. qualifyd 28 _______________apprs [appraisers] appd ibid Peyton I Rouzy to regulate the [illegible] on ye [illegible] 33 ___________qualifyd as third Inspctr. 35 Peyton Yelvertons inventory ibid Peyton Thomas granted Ordinary licence 60 Peyton vs Porch 67 Payne vs McK[illegible] ib Porter vs Hanson 70 Payne Reuben summoned 71 Primm Jaa. sp bail for [Besing?] ibid Porters Est acct. settled 75 Peyton Yelvtn. accts. settled 78 Porter John chooses his guardian ib Potes assee [assignee] Porter vs Byram 80 Porter vs Hanson 81 Primm vs Roe ibid Porter vs Hoar Ib


Peytons Admx vs Gough 81 Porter vs Porter 82 Pilcher vs Edwards 82 Porter vs Brent 83 Picket vs Scanland ibid Porter vs Garrard 85 Peyton vs Horton 86 Peytons admx vs Gough 89 Phillips Moses Ordy Licence granted 90 Peyton I Rouzy qualifyd as Vestry 95 Phillips James chooses Guardn. 96 Phillips Wm. allowed to build a mill 100 __________[repts?] the Invy [Inventory] concg [concerning] mill retd 103 Peytons Exx. vs Edwards 106 Pilchers Exrs. vs Foushee 108 ____________vs Lucas & Fugate 109 Same vs Edwards 111 Porter vs Hanson 113 Porter vs Garrard 115 Pilcher vs Bettys 116 Potes vs Davis 117 Pope vs Williams ib Puzey vs Hensley ib Pilcher vs Payne 119 Payne vs McNeale 120 Peyton's adx vs Gough 121 Phillips Benjns Estate Divided 123 Peyton Thos Granted an ordy [ordinary] Licence 124 Primm vs Hansbrough 125 do vs Hansbroughs Exr ib Peyton's [illegible] & [illegible] admr. bond 129 Peyton Annes adm. Bond 151 Pilcher & Dickinson Inspr. Bond 152 Powers Michaels bond for an ord L [ordinary Licence] 160 Phillips Moses do 162 Peyton Yelverton do 163