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41 P Page

Pope vs Williams 168 Peytons adx. vs Edwards 170 Pilchers Exr vs Leitch 171 Payne vs Mc[illegible] ib Peytons adx vs Gough 172 Pollard John qualify'd as Shff [Sheriff] 175 Pilcher Mason quald as Shff 177 Powers Ordy [Ordinary] Licence renewed 181 Picket vs Bruce 184 Payne vs Hedgman 185 Peyton vs Groves ib Peyton vs [Gollohuen?] 186 Peyton vs Nelson ib Phillips vs Faunt 188 do vs do ib Payne vs Alexander ib Peyton returns his list taxable property 190 Picher Mason to agree with some person for pillory 191 Potes vs Ford 192 Peyton Thomas Overseer road 195 Pettit Benjn. summoned 201 Peyton vs Walker 203 Phillips Wm. qualify'd as Justice peace ib Pope vs Williams 207 Peyton Exr. &c vs James 208 Payne vs McNeale 210 Pilcher vs Leitch ib Primm vs Hansbrough ibid Peytons adx. vs Gough 212 Powers vs Boyer 213 Peytons adx vs Edwards 214 Peyton vs Kincaid and Tyler 217

P Page

Primm qualfd as DS [Deputy Sheriff] 222 Pope vs Mason 223 Page vs Hedgman ib Payne vs Alexander 225 Pilcher vs Leitch 226 Pichet vs Bruce 227 Payne vs Alexander 228 Prim[m] overcharged 13 tithes 231 Peytons Exr vs Edwards 232 Painter Robt. Ovr [Overseer] Road 247 Peytons adx vs Jamisen 251 Payne vs Alexander 252 Patterson to Kendall Deed 255 Porter exempt from tax negro 256 Phillips &c vs Faunt 264 Phillips returns list taxle propy 265 Phillips et Uxr. to Kendall BS 267 Potes vs Several ib Payne &c vs Reddish 275 Same vs Edrington ib Pope vs Mason 280 Phillips &c vs Faunt 284 Same vs Same 285 Picket vs Bruce 286 Parish property of retd [returned] 294 Pollard quald as Justice 303 Peyton vs Brent 306 Page vs Hedgman 307 Pritchard & Uxr to Wood Deed 309 Payne vs Alexander 311 Peyton vs Allen 314 Porter chooses Guardian 319