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43 P Page

Primm vs West 433 Phillips vs Faunt ib Pollard pay Bryant att [attendance] as wit [witness] 434 Peytons adx. vs Edwards ib Peyton vs Brent 433 Pilcher returns his tax list 438 Peytons adx. vs Edwards ib Peyton vs Brent ib Peyton acre ground condemned 441 Porter to Murray Deed 444 Peyton Ovrs. Road 450 Pilchers admors accts settled 453 Peytons guadn. [guardian] accts. settled 454 Pilcher SB for Briggs 459 Pilcher SB for Rogers 462 Patterson v Fant 403 Phillips v Fant 466 Peyton v Brent 467 Posey vs Taylor ib Perry v Wellford ib Same pay Kenyon at [attendance] as wit [witness] 468 Pierce to Asbury Deed 409 Peyton qualfd Inspector ib Poor Ovrsr vs Adie 474 Potes acct. sales retd. 475 Pilchers adx. acct settled 478

P Page

Peytons Ordy Licence red. [renewed] 486 Posey vs. Philbert 487 Peyton vs Brent 490 Palmer vs Knights adx 492 Phillips vs Spiller 495 Peyton Overcd [Overcharged] for tax 407 Poor Election for Overseer of 408 Porters will proved 501 [Porters] Exors appd qualf'd ib [Porters] Apprs [Appraisers] ib Pritchard ads Walker 501 Porters Invy [Inventory] ret'd 504 Posey vs Philbert 505 Pates assee [assignee] vs Ford 508 Peyton vs [Maeze?] ib Posey vs Preseth 510 Phillips vs Faunt 513 Peyton vs Brent ib Posey vs Taylor ib Perry vs Walford 514 Same pay several att [attendance] wit [witness] ib Peyton vs Brent 510 Philbert vs Spiller ib Philbert vs Tolson 517 Porter to Murray Deed 525 Payne to Ralls Deed ib