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45 R Page

Robinson & Uxrs. Deed to Thomas G S Tyler 2 Road between Selden and James viewed ib Routt Wm. recommended as an Inspector 3 ________qualifyd as an Inspector 4 Roads to Carters and Turners Mill viewed ib Robinson & Uxrs. Deed to [Fyler?] proved ib Run Acquia to be cleared 5 Road from Patowmac run to the ridge road to be viewed ib Road opened from Patowmac Church 6 Road from Lawsona ferry to C'house [Courthouse] viewed 9 Richards to Morson Deed ib Roads to be opened from Allentharpers [fence?] to Carters mill ib Robinson James oversr [overseer] of the Road 11 Road from the Quaker [McFlour?] viewed ib Rose's Wm. & Jesse sent to the Gun [illegible] [Tredby?] 13 Routt Wm. qualify'd Inspr [Inspector] 14 Rowans admor qualified Ibid Road thro Carters plantation viewed 17 Same ordered to be turned 18 Ralls Johns will proved 19 __________Estate appraised ibid __________Heir at Law summoned ibid __________Will proved 20 __________Exors. qualify'd ibid __________Appraisers appd ibid __________another do [ditto] appd __________Inventory returned ibid Ralls Achsa qualifyd as Exetx. [Executrix] ibid Ross Wm. qualify'd as ensign 24 Road from Accokick to Patowmac viewed 26 Road between Lawson & Fitzhugh viewed 27 Ralls Johns Inventory & appraisement retd ibid ____________do & do 28 Road from Tolsons to Chapck. to be viewed 32 do from Wests ferry to Bank's road &c ibid Road hands to be regulated by [J R?] Peyton 33 _______________[illegible] & Mountjoy ibid Road established from West's to Vintons ferry 35 ______Surveyors nomtd [nominated] ibid ______hands of to be regulated ibid Road to be viewed 36 _____from Long Branch to [illegible] 58 _____thro' Smiths planton [plantation] viewed 59 _____Established thro Kirks Lane 60 Rhodes Sarah chooses her guardian 62 ______Elizabeth do ibid _______apprs. [appraisers] appd ibid Road to be turned round Smith fence 62 Remy vs Byram 63 Rhodes Hezekiah's widow summoned ibid

R Page

Ralls Achsa to be summoned 64 Rhodes Hezekiah Exor qualify'd 65 Ralls vs Ralls to chs. [choose] guardian of Ralls ibid Ross vs Walch 66 Reed vs Ashby ibid Richards vs Day & Grooms 67 Same vs Same ibid Read vs Read ibid Ross Wm. Constable ibid Reference Docket [illegible] 70 Ralls vs Ralls 73 Richards agst Grooms & Day 74 Ralls Exr. to Diggis deed 75 Ratcliff John will proved ib Ralls John's Estate acct. red 78 Ralls Johns accts. settled ibid _____Exors. summoned ibid Ratcliff Johns apprs. [appraisers] appd 79 Richards John summoned ib Ralls vs Cummins 80 Ralls vs Rowling 83 Ralls orphans vs Ralls ibid Rose admr vs Dade ibid Ralls vs Bredwell 84 Roble & Coy vs [Coclan?] 85 Roach Robert set Levy fee 87 Road from Hunters furnace to [illegible] Landing 88 Ratcliffs Inventory & appt [appraisement] retd 93 Rose John qualified as attorney 94 [Reddesle?] Joseph allowed for overpay [&?] tax ib Rose's Exr. vs Dades admr 96 Road called river road viewed 97 Ralls vs Fristoe &c Young ibd Road to be viewed 101 Rose vs Peyton admx. 105 Same vs Cumberford ib Same vs Pilcher ib Same vs Kendall ib Ralls vs Ralls 106 Ross Gibson vs Edwards ib