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47 R Page

Richards will farther proved 248 Do 249 Ratcliff vs Pritchard 252 Rowans adrs. acct. Exa'd [Examined] ib Road contd. 257 Road viewed ib Road from Dickinsons viewed ib Ralls [Horels?] guardn. appd 258 Ralls Hebron Hebn & John Guardn appd ib Road hands of regulated ib Richards to Nichols Deed 265 Road thro' Sun's viewed ib Roch w Willott 269 Roe vs McKetrick 275 Road Pettels Viewed 277 Ralls will proved ib Rowleys Extors vs Tylers adr 282 Ralls vs Ralls Extor 284 Rose vs Waugh 286 Richards v Bolling 294 Richards vs Markham ib Road Phillips tavern to [illegible] 295 Richards orphans vs Richards Exr 299 Ralls Exrs. vs Williams 300 Rose vs Fristoe 301 Road to Weedens ferry vd [viewed] ib Ralls Horebs claim settled ib Road Tinnels vd [viewed] 302 Richards vs Bolling 304 Richards vs Markham 306 Read vs Read 307 Roses Exrs. acct settled 309

R Page

Road from Colo. Balls viewed 310 Richards v Bolling 314 Road from Tinnels Established 316 Road from Balls do ib Ralls Acct. sales retd 322 Ralls Guardn appd 324 _____accts stated ib Road Chapmans Ordy [Ordinary] viewd ib Richards v Bolling 328 Richards vs Markham ib Riley set levy free 330 Road viewed ib Routt free from tax negro ib Road viewed 334 Reed vs Warring 337 Road thro' Foushees vd [viewed] 338 Road near Withers viewed 339 Reed Ovr. [Overseer] Road ib Road viewed 341 Rose vs Peytons adx 344 Rose vs Brents Extr ib Ross &c vs Edwards 344 Rowleys Exrs vs Tyler 345 Rule days appd 346 Read vs Read 347 Road from Cassons to Newtons [illegible] 35 Ross Exempt from tax 355 Robinsons bound out 356 Road hands of regulated 357 Richards vs Howe 362