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48 R Page

Ross &c vs Edwards 365 Rowleys Exrs [vs]Tylers adr 366 Roe vs McKetrick 374 Road hands of regulated 379 Road viewed ib Ralls to Murray Deed 381 Ralls to Murray deed (this above) Ralls overseer the road 382 Ralls vs Ralls Exors 384 Richards Est [Estate] to be divided, comrs. appd. 391 Road at Po[illegible] viewed 394 Riley to Riley deed 399 Richards et al Licenced to retail goods ib Ralls vs Byram 407 Same vs Same ib Rule days appd. 408 Richards Estate Divided 410 Ross &c vs Edwards 411 Roe vs McKetrick 413 Robinson charged with horse theft 420 Ralls to Ralls Deed 423 Ralls Estate acct.


Revely SB for Musselman 428 Ross Ensign apd 429 Road viewed 431 do 432 Ralls vs Byram 433 Ross and Co vs Edwards 434

R Page

Ross & Co. vs. Edwards 438 Read to Read Deed 441 Richards to Markham 442 Road viewed 443 Robertson's guardians apd ib Same bound ib Ralls to Ralls BS 448 Rose's bound by recognce [recognizance] 460 Rowleys Exors vs Kenny 461 Ralls vs Kendall 462 Ross &c vs Edwards 466 Rule days appointed 476 Richards Invy [Inventory] 478 Est [Estate] divided ib Est accts. settled 479 Ralls expt [exempt] from tax of neg 481 Richards Ovr [Overseer] Road ib Ralls Exors acct settled 482 Richards Overch'd [Overcharged] for tax 485 Richards vs Frensly 486 Roads hands of regulated 497 Road Ovrs. contd. 501 _____hands of regulated 505 Ross et al vs Edwards 513 Rowley overchd. for tax 519 Road viewed 520 Ryley tried felony 521 Vide [See] R after M after W say [sic] page } 79