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49 S Page

Seddon's Inventory and appraisement retd 2 Sharpe vs Sharpe [illegible] Judgmt. for 1231 lbs Tobo & Costs 3 Sprigg Edward served as a Captain 5 Sullivan Ann admisters on her [illegible] 6 Swetman Wm bound out 8 Sheriffs nominated ib Smith John an allowance made him for [illegible] 11 Sheriff ordered to summon a Jury 12 Sterne Charles appd 1st Lieut ib Starke John nominated Ensign ib Strother Tom appt. Capt 13 Selden Saml. an allowance made him for collecting provision 14 Stone Wm. an ordinary Licence granted him 15 Sinclair Nanny bound out 17 Smith Joseph Capt. 18 Starke John 2d Lieut. 20 Starke Johns will proved 22 ___________Exrs qualified ibid ___________Appraisers appd ibid Smith capt Joseph quad. to his Comsn 26 Shin George Overseer of Road 27 Sheriffs Bond from Wm & Jas Garrard to the Governor 31 Strothers to Ball deed 32 Shelton Wm. set Levy free ibid Stocks to be erected 35 Silvey Edward set Levy free 55 Skidmore James bound out 62 Smiths give Bond & secy [security] for [illegible] peace 63 Smith agt. Davis 66 Stringfellow Geo. Ordinary License renew'd 68 Seddons Exors vs Burgesses admr 69 Same vs Same ibid Seddon vs Doyle ibid Samson vs Routt 70 Sturdy Wm. will proved 72 __________apprs. [appraisers] appd ibid Sampson vs Routt 74 Simson vs Walch ibid Shin George Exex. [Executrix] qualified 75 Smiths [Mal?] & Lytha bound to their [illegible] 76 Strother Eliz. dower recorded 77 ___________her will proved ibid [Strother Eliz.] apps [appraisers] appd ib [Strother Eliz.] Exr qualify'd ibd Spelman Est acct. retd 78


Strother Elizah. [Elizabeth] Exrs qualified 48 Seddon Thomas summoned 85 Sanderson Exrs vs Brents adm 82 Seekright vs Dreadnought 84 Smith vs Wood and [Marten?] 85 Spooner vs Yates ibid Smith vs Atkinson 86 Strother Thos. will [illegible] public 87 Stark vs Brady 88 Starke vs Bradley 92 Swift vs Hunter ib Sign posts fixed 93 Sowell & others to Hooe Deed 100 Sowel & others to Hooe B.S. 103 Sterne vs Hyden 106 Strothers Exrs. vs James 107 Surveyor directed to lay off prison ibid Sturty Wms. Inventory appts retd. 108 Sharpe Ben bound out 109 Surveyor rets a plot presn. bounds 111 Sheriffs recomdd [recommended] to the Governor ib Somerville vs Porter 112 Sheriff ordered to attend Comsn Peace 113 Spooner vs Yates Exrs 114 Shelton vs English 115 Silvey vs Gough 117 Smithey vs Warren 117 Short vs Sydebottom ib Smith vs Yates 118 Smith vs Sullivan 119 do vs Sharpe ib do vs Lee ib Samson vs Routt 126 Sandersons Exr. vs Brents adr 121 Swift vs Hunter 121 Stringfellow & Uxr. to Collins deed 122 do to Winlock 125 Snoxall vs Weeks 132 do vs do ib Sullivan Annes Admr. Bond 154