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The Deposition of Thomas Forster aged about Two and Twenty years, Deposeth & saith That himself and others in number about one Hundred and Twenty six persons, haveing had ye benefitt of his Most Gracious Majestys mercy and Clemency, were on or about ye Twenty ninth [day] of June last past put on board ye Elizabeth and Anne of Liverpoole Edward Trafford Commander in order to be Transported to this Colony of Virginia, that after they were Imbarked on Board ye sd Ship they were always confined and under a Guard to prevent their goeing on Shoar and that noe Boat during their stay at Liverpoole after their Imbarkation was suffered to come on board ye sd ship without special order from ye Master or Marchants thereof and this Deponent further saith that after they were Imbark'd, to witt on ye first or second day of July, the sd ship then lying at Liverpoole, one Daniell Ferqhuarson was in ye day time carryed on Shoar in the ships Boat by order, but by whose order he cannot tell: that about a week after and before the said ship sailed from Liverpoole aforesd one Rob:t Read was carryed on shoar in like manner; and that on or about the thirteenth day of ye said month Walter Tankred George Rutherford and John [Hunter?] were alsoe sent on shoar in ye sd ships Boat, and on ye day following Rob:t Johnson and John Carr were sent on shoar in like manner. That on ye 15th day of ye sd month the said ship weighed anchor and sail'd from Liverpoole to ye black Rock where she Anchor'd that night, and that Doctor Nicholas Montgomery, Docter John Rutherford, and James Augston [or Ougston?] were that night carry'd on shoar he beleives by ye ships Boat and men, haveing often heard the Boatswain of ye sd ship Complain of their Ingratitude and say that they gave him noe money for putting them on shoar and this Deponent further saith that on ye sixteenth day of July aforesaid, [illegible- page torn] said ship weighed anchor and set sail for Cork in Ire[land] and that in the passage thither this Deponent had several times Communication with ye sd Trafford concerning his being put on shoar as the others had been to prevent Transportation, that ye sd Trafford offered to set this Deponent free on shoar for Fifty Guineas, but this Deponent being unwilling to give soe great a sum having before ye said ship sailed from Liverpoole paid Fifteen pounds for his Indenters, offered ye sd Trafford Fifteen Guineas more to set him free and on shoar as aforesd, but ye sd Trafford then [told this Deponent?] that sum was two little he having