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the whole ships Crew to bribe, and besides that he was to make Oath before ye Governour of ye place he went to concerning ye persons Imbarked on board his said ship and delivered there, that if they agreed he should be obliged to put this Deponent down as a dead person, and assureing this Deponent not one had gone off at Liverpoole under seaventy or eighty Guineas, Fifty Guineas was ye least any of them paid. and further that ye said ship arrived at Cork on Saturday ye Twenty first day of July aforesd, and on ye Thursday or Frieday following in ye night, Alexander Stewart, Archibold Mclaclane both being under sentence of Death. Charles Smith, John Porteus, were carry'd on shoar in ye sd ships Boat by Matthew Caverley & John Smithson, belonging to ye said ship, and that the next morning ye said Caverley told this Deponent that his friends the sd Stewart, Mclaclane, Smith, and Porteous were well on shoar and gave their service to him, and that he had great difficulty in getting them pass'd ye Custom-house watch, [that?] they [were?] obliged to Climb over [Pottatoe?] yards and Ditches to prevent their being discovered, [before they?] came to ye place they Intended That all the persons Mention'd in this deposition to be put on shoar was Imbarked on board the said ship at Liverpoole to be Transported to america pursuant to his Majestyes Command that the sd ship set saile from Cork in Ireland for Virginia on ye Twenty Eight day of ye sd July, and further this Deponent saith not. Thomas Forster Sworn before us this 1st Novr 1716 [illegible] Edm:d Berkeley