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50 S Page

Spooner vs Yates 167 Strothers Exrs vs James 170 Sanderson vs Brent 172 Swift vs Hunter ib Stuart quald. as Atto 177 Shinn's appts. retd 179 Scotts will proved ib Stringfellows Ordy Licenee rend [renewed] ib Starke's Invy [Inventory] and appd retd. 181 Smith vs [Mellet?] 184 Spooner vs Hudson 185 Slye vs Kendall ib Scott vs Nash 186 Starke vs Owen 187 Stadler vs Hedgman 188 Swift vs Hunter 189 Scott Wms. will proved 190 Seddon John fined 191 Smith John dc [ditto] ib Smith vs Lee 195 Selden Sam added to Gent Justices 198 Seddon John Ovr [Overseer] Road ib Sheriff ordered to attend Justices not quald 199 Smith Johns fine remitted ib Sharpe Thos. Ovr [Overseer] Road 200 Smith to pay Smith for 1 days attend [attendance] wit [witness] ib Smith vs Lee 202 Silvey Johns adr. qualified 203 ___________Apprs. [Appraisers] appd ib Seddon vs Primm 205 Spooner vs Massey 205 Selden vs Lee ib Somerville vs Hooe 211 Seddon allowed for 12 days atten [attendance] as witness] 212

S Page

Strother vs Bridges 212 Smith vs Lee 213 Snoxall vs Weeks ib Sanderson Exrs. vs Brents adx ib Stringfellow et Uxr. to Hewit [illegible] 215 Scott to Scott Deed 216 Do to Do Do ib Smith allowed repairs warehouse ib Smoot to Smoot Pow Atto 219 Silvey Johna Est [Estate] acct given of it 222 Sterne qualified as Shff [Sheriff] ib Smith vs Lee 227 Spooner vs Hudson ib Stadler vs Hedgman 228 Starke vs Ocain 229 Seddon vs Prim[m] 231 Selden vs Lee 232 Same vs Same ib Strother vs Bridges 232 Somerville vs Nooe [Hooe] 234 Snoxall vs Weeks 235 Sandersons Ex vs Brents Exr 237 Strothers Invy [Inventory] retd. 241 Smith to Keer Deed 242 Smith to Smith ib Seeright &c vs Threestout 243 Scotts adr. quald ib [Scotts] Apprs [Appraisers] appd ib Scott Sarahs dower given her 246 Shff [Sheriff] to pay Davis his levy that was overpd 248 Smith to Stringellow BS ib Scotts Invy [Inventory] retd. 249 [Snipes?] will proved 250