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53 S Page

Stringfellow to Taylor Deed 444 Shff's nominate[d] 445 Some[r]ville vs Graham 449 Simpsons adx qualfd 451 [Simpsons] Apprs [Appraisers] appd ib [Scurlock?] entitld to her husbands Land 455 Speake vs Hewitt 457 Scott vs Ralls 461 Swann summoned 462 Smith vs Strother 463 Smith vs Day 465 Sanders adx vs Brents adx 466 Simpsons Inventory retd 467 Stuart vs McKetrick 468 Strother appd Collector 471 Seddon vs Peyton 474 Sterne SB for Doyle 475 Stuart vs Tyler ib Scott vs Hewitt ib Sullivan Constable 481 Strother adr. qualfd 482 Seddon vs Norwood 487 Spiller vs Hedgman 488 Shinn vs McCoy et al 489 Starke vs Hill 490 Smith vs Stringfellow 491 Stringfellow vs Doniphan 492

S Page

Stringfellow pay Stringfellow 494 Spiller vs Peyton 495 Sheltons will proved 497 Shffs return recpt for taxes 499 Starke ensign 500 Shff returns recpt for taxes 501 Steward vs Sharpe 505 Spiller vs Peyton 508 [Strowat?] vs [Pritchet?] 512 Sandersons admx. vs Brent adx 513 Stuart vs McKettrick 515 Spiller pay Beagle 517 Solomon tried felony 522 Shff rets recpt taxes 524 Shff quald 525 Shelton Ovr [Overseer] Road ib Smith vs Suitor 531 Sheltons Invy [Inventory] retd 532 Sharpe Ovr Road 534 Strother Ovr Road 538 Smith vs Suitor 544 Samuel vs Lyon 545 Sanderons Extx vs Brents adx 546 Seddon vs Thompson &c 548 Shff [fined?] 555 Accts Exam'd [Examined] ib Vide [See] S after K after W say [sic] page 82