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54 T Page

Threlkeld [Warr.?] Deed to Edward Moore 2 Turnbull Ann bound out 4 Tithes (List of) to be taken 5 Triplet et uxr. to Powers Deed 7 Taliafferro to Woodrow Lease ib Tobacco sold to Andrew Buchanan 9 Ditto to Danl Triplett 10 Threlkeld Elijah appd Collector 15 Tithes list of to be taken 20 Tyler Thos 2d. Lieut ibid Tobacco sold at Dixons 22 do at Falmo 26 do at Caves 27 do at Acquia ibid Triplett as Marshal 32 Same vs Same ibid Tyler Thos appd commisner Sp tax at Aquia 34 _________returns an acct. of the same 59 Tibbets Matthews Exor qualify'd 60 ______________apprsrs. [appraisers] appd. ibid Turner John bound out 64 Thompson vs Bell 65 Troop vs Peyton 67 Triplett vs Payne ibid Triplett Danl. acct. sp. tax returned 69 Temple vs Foushee 70 Tobacco sold at Falmo 72 do Acquia Ibid Tyler Thos allowance made him 73 Tithes list of to be taken ibid ______Comsrs. of appd ibid Tylers Admr. vs John Browne 74 Tyler agt Harwood 74 Tyler Thos an alloc made him 76 Tithes list of returned 77 Triplett Danls. acct Spe Tax 80 Temple vs Foushee 81 Taxable property list of taken 82 _____________ list recd ibid Turnham vs Basctette 83 Turnham vs Smith ibid Thomas vs Crismond 84 Thompson vs Kelly ibid Thomas vs Turner ibd Thatcher vs Ross 85 Triplett vs Ralls ib

T Page

Taskers Exors vs Harrison 85 Taylor vs Hunter ib Tyler Tom an allowance made him 86 Taxable property assts. namd ib Taylor Samls. will proved 88 ___________apprs [appraisers] appd ib ___________mother summoned ib Tylers adms vs Brown 89 Thompson vs Bell 90 Tyler Tho nomd Capt ib Tax list retd ib Tobacco pd in discharge Exrs 93 _______ Fraction decld in favor [illegible] 94 [Tobacco] pd. to Byram Routt ib Thornton Fras. [Francis] an acre of Ground conned [condemned] ib Tobacco Clerks rated 96 Thornton Fras. Jury to condn an acre [disent?] 98 ____________ Comms. appd. to vw [view] sd Acre ib Thornton Fras. an acre gd [ground] condem'd for him 102 Threlkeld et Usr. to McMillan BS 103 Thornton Sd jury sumd [summoned] to rept. [illegible] in condm acreg 104 Tyler vs Dillon 107 Taylor vs Hunt ibd Same vs Sawbridge ibd Tobacco sold at Dixons warehouse 108 do at Falmo ib Taylor vs Hay 109 Turner Absalom Ovr. [Overseer] road 110 Thropshire vs Gough ib Thornton Fras.: an acre ground condem'd 112 Temple vs Foushee 113 Tasker vs Harrison 114 Turner vs West ib Thompson vs Kelly 115 Thomas vs Turner ib do vs do ib Thatcher vs Ross ib Thomson vs Sandford 116