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55 T Page

Thomas vs Massey 119 Triplett vs Ralls ib Thompson vs Bell 120 Tyler vs Dillon 122 Tongate vs Willott 124 Threlkeld vs Turner & others 125 ________ als vs Turnham ib Taylor Exr Rowley vs Payne ib Turnham Thos. tried for felony 132 Tyler Thos [Clk?] Bond 142 Threlkeld Elijahs Collectors bond 157 Taskers Exrs. vs Harrison 167 Triplett vs Ralls 169 Tylers admr. vs Brown ibid Tyler vs Dillon 170 Triplett Danl. qualify'd as Justice 174 Thatcher vs Ross 168 Thompson vs Bell 169 Triplett & Banks acknowledge their bond a receiver of comistables [comestibles] 175 Taylor Richard appd Goaler [Gaoler] 177 ___________granted an ordy Licence 180 Tylers accts settled ib Tylers vs Ralls Exr. 183 Turner vs Threlkeld ib Taylor vs Frensly 184 Thorntons adr. vs Hyler 185 Triplett Danl returns his list tax prop [taxable property] 186 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 187 Temple vs Foushee 189 Tashers Exr. vs Harrison ib Tavern rates fixed 195 Tyler to Adie deed ib Thornton vs Fitzhugh 196 Thornton vs Bruce ib Tennant vs Berry [no number]


Tobacco sold at Falmo 200 Thornton vs Fitzhugh 202 Thorntons adr. vs Bruce ib Tennant vs Berry ib Temple vs Foushee 203 Thornly vs Berry 204 Thompson vs Kelly 206 Thompson vs Bell 208 Tylers adr. vs Brown ib Tyler vs Dillon ib Tarte vs Wallace 213 Tobacco sold at Acquia 216 Threlkeld vs Turner 213 Tongate vs Willott ib Do vs Do ib Tobacco levied on Tylers acct 257 Tyler vs James 223 Throop vs Garrard ib Thrustout vs Holdfast 224 Tyler vs Finnel 225 Tyler vs Ralls Exrs. 226 Taylor vs Tylers adr 228 Threlkeld Elijah overcharged 6 tithes 235 Thornley vs Berry ib Tyler pay Seddon for attendance 233 Tylers adr. vs Brown ib Threlkeld vs Turner 235 Tongate vs Millott ib Thomson vs Bell 236 ________to pay several for attendance 237 Terrier Overseer road 243 Threlkeld allowed for repairs warehouse 245 Tyler resigns his Comsn. as Capt 246 Tharp discharged from tax ib Tax list to be corrected 249 Threlkeld vs Elkins 250