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56 T Page

Thornton vs Craighill 251 Threlkeld vs Elken ib Threkeld vs Waughs Extors ib Tolson Geo will proved 256 Thornton vs Craighill 259 Thomson vs Bell 263 Thompson pay Dent 18 days attendce [attendance] wit [witness] ib Same pay several ib Tongate vs Willot ib Thomson vs Gollohorne 266 Tyler quald. as Clerk ib Triplett and Phillips recomd. as Coroners 270 Tyler vs Hedgman 269 Tolsons apprast [appraisement] retd. 274 Tyler vs Miller 276 Threlkeld vs Elkins ib Tolson Extors acct. settled ib Tylers adr. vs Brown 278 Threlkeld assee [assignee] &c vs Turner 281 Turner pay Jones 5 days attendance wit [witness] 282 Turner vs Threlkeld 283 Thompson vs Woodford ib Thornton vs Fitzhugh 284 Threlkeld vs Waughs Extr 285 Tobacco sold at Dixons 290 Tobacco sold at Falmo. 291 Thornly vs Berry ib Tyler vs Miller 293 Taskers Extr vs Harrison 295 Thorntons Exrs. vs Several ib Tobacco sold at Acquia 299

T Page

Tyler vs Ralls Exrs 306 Tebbs Exrs vs Edwards 306 Taskers adr vs Harrison ib Tyler vs James 307 Throop vs Garrard ib Tolson Elizahs [Elizabeths] dower given her 310 Tyler vs James ib Taylor vs Foushee 313 Tebbs Exrs vs Edwards 314 Tongate vs Latham 315 Tobacco sold at Acquia 317 Tolsons Est acct. retd 318 Tax list of Persons to be recod ib Triplett appotd. receiver tax 322 Tobacco fraction of pd. White 323 Tyler pay Cooke 4 days att [attendance[ wit [witness] 328 Triplett vs Ralls 332 Tobacco sale of retd 334 Tongate vs Latham 338 Tyler vs Scott 339 Tax list Exa'd [Examined] 344 Tyler vs James 347 Threlkeld et Uxr. vs Waughs Exrs 348 Throop vs Garrard ib Tyler Ov [Overseer] Road ib Tolson Overchad [Overcharged] tax 351 Tyler nomd Captain et al 355 Taylors Ordy Licence rend [renewed] 359 Tobacco Levied for Pollard ib Triplett vs Howe 361 Threlkeld et als vs Waughs Exrs 363 Threlkeld qual'd DS [Deputy Sheriff] 364