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58 V Page

Vestrymen OW Psh [Overwharton Parish] qualifyed 35 Vowles vs Horner 89 ______vs Wallace 92 Victor assee [assignee] [illegible] vs Bruce 204 Victor vs Bruce 261 Vowles to Vowles Deed 352 Vowles vs Sharpe 402 Vowles vs Massey ib Vowles vs Jones ib Same vs Tunnal ib Vowles H and L vs several 407 Same vs Doniphan 410 Vowles summd [summoned] 434 Vowles vs [Patiner?] 430 Vowles summoned 445 Vowles exnt. [exempt] from tax of negroe 481 Vowles vs Young 495 Same vs Sterne ib Vowles granted an ordinary 541 Vowles nom'd Captain 544 Valk vs Vowles 553 Vernon SB for Lewis 554 Vowles vs Markham 562 Vowles vs Moss 581 [Vaspar?] to Carr Deed ib Vowles vs Markham 584