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59 W Page

West Edward an allowance made him for ferry 3 Woodrow to Taliafferro Deed 5 Willott Benjaman sworn to peace 7 Wallace Michaels Est [Estate] divided 9 Waters John overseer of the Road 11 Withers James overseer of the road 12 Waller John & Wm. apptd. Insptr. 14 Williams George Capt ib Warehouses Dixons viewed & weights adjusted ib Wallace Eliza's Est [Estate] divided among her sons 15 Waugh Johns negro to be sold ib Waugh John's Guardian Ibid Waugh Jane's Guardian 11 Warehouses Acquia viewed 17 Warehouse Dixions [Dixons] wts.[weights] adjusted 19 Weights and Scales removed from caves [Caves] to Fal ibid Ward Henry appd. 1st Lut. [Lieutenant] 20 Warehouses Acquia viewed & work finished 21 Weights at Falmo & Dixons adjusted 22 Do at Acquia ibid ___________work at valued 23 Wells Carty's will proved 26 ___________Apprs. [Appraisers] appd ibid ___________Exors qualify'd ibid Woodrow Andrews Est acct settled 34 Warehouses Acquia to be finished 58 [Warehouses Acquia] weights of adjusted 61 Waller John allowed for repg [repairing] Acquia warehous[e] 62 Warehouses Acquia repaired 64 Wallace to Buchanan [do?] ibid Woodrow agt [against] Newall 65 Washington vs Shell 66 Same vs Same ibid Withers vs Young 70 Welford vs Chambers 74 Waller to Waller deed 77 Warehouses Falmo & Dixons viewed 79 _________Wts. [Weights] adjusted ib Williams appd Overseer the road 80 Williams vs Ralls 82 Wigenton vs Wells & Uxr 85 Washington vs Robinson ib


Withers vs Edwards 85 Wood Joseph qualify'd as Atto. 87 Willott vs Grant 89 Wicl Exrs Garrard ib Wicliffe vs Mountjoy ib Ward vs Dillan ib Woodrow's Exr to Taylor BS 90 Weeks to Weeks 92 Woodrows Exr. vs Lewis ib Waller vs [Helthen?] 92 Wicliffes Exr vs Mountjoy 93 Walker Richard Ovr [Overseer] road ib Williams Morgans will proved 95 Wallace to Wallace Deed ib Withers James qualifyd as Inspct [Inspector] 96 Williams Morgans Est [Estate] apprsd [appraised] 103 Woodrow to Musselman Deed ib Woodrows Est Acct. with Admr retd ib Wickliffe vs Mountjoys 105 Wickliffes Exor vs Garrards Exr & Mountjoy ibid Woodrows admr vs Strother ibid Withers vs Tho Tyler 106 Whitler vs Horner ib Willott vs Gaunt ib Wishard vs Day 107 Same vs Bruce ib Woodrow vs Pilcher 110 Woodrow admr vs Sharpe 111 Warehouses Acquia viewed ib Woodrow admd vs Arrosmith 112 ________ vs Pilcher ib Williams vs Edwards 113 Washington vs Robinson 114 Wigginton vs Norman ib Withers vs Edrington 115 Washington vs Garrard ib [Court Clerk's note] Carried after Y say [sic] [page] 60