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61 W Page

Woodrow vs Lewis 169 do vs Foushee ib do vs [illegible] Exors ib Withers vs Tyler 170 Welford vs Chambers 171 Ward vs Dillon 172 Weeks vs Weeks ib Waller vs Kitchen ib Warehouses Acquia let out 174 Washington to Washington Deed 177 Waugh Phila's dower given her 180 Welford vs Newton 182 West v Nugent and Sharpe 183 do vs Sharpe & Ballard ib Waughs Exrs. vs Several 184 do vs Hudson 185 Woodrow's adr. vs Brooke ib Withers Exrs. vs Hord ib Woodwards adr. vs Elleston ib White vs Hudson 187 Waugh Exrs. vs Several l 188 do vs Ball ib do vs Several ib Woodrows adr. vs Spence ib do vs do ib Warehouse Acquia repaired 192 Walker Richard Ov [Overseer] Road 198 Williams Morgan's Invy [Inventory] retd 200 West Edward Ovr. Road ib Warehouses Dixons repaired 201 Welford vs Pollard 204 Wigginton vs Norman 206 Waller vs Barby ib do vs do ib

W Page

Wigginton vs Wells 207 Withers vs Tyler 208 Williams vs Powers 211 Woodrows adr. vs Lewis 212 Do. vs Inniss ib Washington vs Bell 213 Weeks vs Weeks ib Waller vs Kitchen ib Ward vs Tyler 214 Washington et Uxr. to [Hell?] Deed 215 Welford vs Ball 223 West vs Nugent 227 Same vs Ballard ib Withers Exrs vs Hord 228 Waughs Exr. vs Several ib Woodrows adr vs Spence 229 White vs Hudson ib Welford v Pollard 231 Washington vs Robinson 233 Woodrows adr vs Arrosmith 234 Williamson Bowers ib Woodrows adr. vs Inness 235 Waller vs Barby 236 Welford vs Chambers 237 Weeks vs Weeks ib Woodrows adr. vs Lewis adx. 236 Withers vs Tyler ib Waller vs Kitchen 237 Wallace chooses Guardn. 239 Washington qual'd as Atto. 241 West to pay no tax for negro [208?] White do ib Welford vs Ball 250 Woodrows adr vs Hord 251 Waughs Extr. vs Edwards ib