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62 W Page

Weeks vs Weeks 253 Waughs Extr vs Ratcliff 258 Washington vs Lee ib Washington vs Taylor and Atwell 259 Welford vs Ball ib West vs Benson ib Washington vs Taylor et al 260 Wallter vs Barby 262 Woodrows adr. vs Lewis adx. ib White vs Hudson 263 Withers vs Tyler ib Washington vs Robinson 264 Withers John Overseer Road 266 Wallace adr. quald. ib Waller John summoned 267 Waughs Extors vs Newal 268 Wallers will proved 270 Washington qual'd as major ib White exempt from tax ib Waller Johns adx. qualify'd 274 Waller John sumd [summoned] 277 Woodrow vs Arrosmith 278 Welford pay several for attend 280 Wallace &c vs Weeks 281 Williamsons Extrs. vs Hord 282 Washington vs Bell &c 284 Woodrow vs Woodrow ib Williams &c vs Richards 286 Woodrow adr. vs Spence 291 Walsh vs Withers 293 Walsh Pay Payne 1 days all [attendance] wit [witness] ib

W Page

Wallers will rescinded 302 Waller pay Peyton 2 days att wil 303 Welford pay Bryan 2 days atten ib Waller pay Phillips 2 days ib Wallace &c vs Weeks 304 Withers vs Throop 306 Watson assee [assignee] &c vs Bradly ib Watts vs Several ib Waughs Exrs vs Waugh 308 Wallers Ivy [Inventory] & apprst. [appraisement] reld 310 Wallace vs Weeks 311 Welford vs Hansbrough 313 Watts vs Several lb Woodrows adr. vs Pilcher 318 Washington vs Carter ib Wallers adr. qual'd 325 ______appr's [appraisers] appd ib Waughs Exr vs Newall 327 Same vs Several ib Woodrows adr. vs Strother 328 Woodrows adr. vs Hords Exr ib Watson assee [assignee] &c vs Bradly ib Wallace's adr qual'd 331 Wallace vs Blackburn 332 Wallace vs Same ib West vs Sharpe ib West vs Ballard Ib Waller Eldest brother to Waller 337 Waughs Exrs accts. settled 341 Waller vs Barby 342 Woodrow vs Lewis ib Washington vs Robinson 343