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B Bell Trelding [bound?] out 1 Banks and Hewet [illegible] the warehouses 3 Bell Grace her [thirds?] reported 3 Buelianan Judgment vs Sharpe ib [ibid] Brent and Peyton adjusts the weights of [illegible] ib Buchanan vs Sharpe alld Judgt for 30 & Costs ib Brown & [illegible] to Alexander Doyle Decd 4 Bredwell Isaac set Levy free. 5 Bell [illegible] Orphan to be bound 5 Brents Estate appraised 8 Barrett Bartholomew appts Constable ib Brent Ann administers on Geo. Brents Est ib Ballard [illegible] tp Cropp Decd 10 Bruce Mary adminters on her husbd Est ib Brent Robert allowed 50 rent for a store ib Bell James appd. overseer of [illegible] road 12 Botts Wm. nom. Ensign ib Brown Joshua's will proved 13 Brown Rawleigh Travers [illegible] road 14 Brent Robert granted to admor Rowans Es ib Butlers Admor qualified 13 Butlers Guardian 0 Bell Fielding bound out 17 Bowers [illegible] granted him ibid Ball to Hansbrough decd Ibid Brown Joshuas Inventory Ibid Bruce George's Inventory 18 Bredwell to Bredwell decd gift Ibid Bowen Thomas appd. 1st [illegible] 19 Bruce Wm. [Ensigh?] ibid Brent Roberts Inventory & appt. ibid Brent Georges Inventy & appt ibid Bridge Accotuck repaired 21 _________ at [illegble] [illegible] ibid Barna George's children bound out 22 Bolling Winifred examd. 24 Bruce Wm. qualifyd as [illegible ibid] Betsell vs Ferrill 28 Baker John sworn to [illegible] 29 Briggs David Overseer of the road ibid Bond from Cary & [illegible] to ye Governor 30 Bridge at Satmouth rebuilt 32 Brent Wms will & codicil proved 36 ________ Exors qualify'd ibid ________ apprs. appd.in Stafford ibid ________ do. [ditto] in Prince William ibid Benson Enoch a Jury summoned to condemn an acre of ground 28 Same returned 55

B Ball Wm [nominated?] [Ensign?] 55 Banks Gerrards acct. [illegible] 61 & 60 Bruce Geos. acd. settled ibid Brent Geo allowed for rep [illegible] houses 85 Brent Eleanor qualify'd as Excr. Wm Brent ibid Byram vs Bad Title 66 Bredwell vs Taylor ibid Brown vs Edwards ibid Brown vs arrosmith ibid Brown vs Brown & Jeffries ibid ______vs [Wines?] and {Greeg?\ ibid ______vs [Fleudalls? ibid [illegible] vs Hughs ibid Brady vs Kendall ibid Byram vs the same ibid Burroughs vs Hardy ibid [illegible] to [illegible] Bridge at Falmouth 68 Barby vs Ralls 70 Bowen Matthews will proved 71 _________ apprs. appd ibid Barby vs Ralls 74 Brents Exors vs Roe ibid Byram vs Peyton ibid Bridge Accokuk repaired 76 Barn's Geo.'s [illegible] bound out ib Barrett vs Kendall ib Bridge at [illegible] compleated [sic] 79 Berry Thos. Ovr. road little [Tal?] to [illegible] ibid Banks Gerrard Oversr.road 80 Bradly James chooses his Guardn ib Barber vs Waugh 81 Byram Wms. Est divided 82 Brooke vs OWhn. [Overwharton] Vestry ibd [ibid] Brent vs [illegible] ibid Brooke vs Overwharton Vestry 83 Brents Assees vs Brookes 83 Berryman vs Harris 84 Brent vs Carter Exrs ibd [ibid] Boyles vs Burroughs [ibd] Benson vs [arrosmith?] 86