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6 B Page

Benson Frances chooses her guardn. 86 Bredwell to Bredwell BS ib [ibid] Bill Marys thirds to be set apart 87 Burnhams Jos. and Mary bound out ibid Barge Garner summoned to Ct. 88 Brown vs. Hoover 89 Brent Anns dower given her ib. Brent Robt. Est divided belwn. children ib. Bill Johns Ord [Ordinary] Licence granted 90 Burgess Edward Sale acct. retd. 93 Burnet et Uxrs [illegible] Excr 95 Brown Wm.. adm. qualify'd 96 ___________apprs. [appraisers] appd. ib Bredwell to Bredwell Decd 98 Same to Same do. [ditto] ib Byram vs Holladay 100 Bredwell Lucy's dower given her ibd. Black Margt, summoned 101 Buchanan vs. Harding ibd. Brookes Elyah bound out 102 Bullitt vs [Edrington?] 104 Buchanan vs Same ibid _____do vs Peyton 105 _____do vs. Cumberford ibid _____do vs Smith ibid. Bolling vs Byram ibid. Byram vs Holloday 106 Brooks vs Hughes ib Bullitt vs Kirkand Robinson 107 Benson Wms. Estate divided 109 Buchanan Andw. appd. [illegible] ibd Betrell vs Markham 112 Barber vs Waugh 113 Brooke vs Overwharton Ves [Vestry] ib Boyle vs Burroughs 114 Bronaugh vs Doniphan 115

B Page

Brown vs Edwards 116 Bullitt vs Same ib Bunbury vs Simson 117 _____ do vs do ib _____ do vs do ib Blair vs Arrosmith 118 Brent vs Carter 118 Benson vs Arrosmith 119 Banks vs [Slaugter?] ib Bell et Uxr to Shelton ib Bredwell vs Taylor ib Byram vs Williams 120 Burroughs vs Hardy ibid Barby vs Ralls ibid Brents exr. vs Roe 121 Browns vs Horner 122 Bredwell to Bredwell Decd 123 ______do to do ibid Brown Tho an allowance made him as [illegible] 124 Brents adm. vs Brookes ib ______do vs. Carter ib ______do vs Carters adr. ib Bullitt vs Hyden ib ______do vs Cox 125 ______do vs Arrosmith ib Buchanans Adr. vs Lewis ib Blank Bond 130 Benson Charles's Guardn Bond 133 Brown Joseph admn. bond 140 Ball Benjn. Guardian Bond 145 Brown Alice admn Bond 149 Bruce Marys Adm. Bond 154 Barber vs Waugh 167 Brooke vs Overwharton Vestry ib Bronaugh vs Doniphan 168