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13 C page

Courtney vs Alexander 259 Chapman vs Lee 261 Chinns adrs. acct. settled ib [ibid] Carter vs Carter 262 Carter vs Carters Exors ib Chadwell vs Peytons adx 264 Carver to Bredwell Decd 265 Cooke vs Chapman 267 Chadwell assee [assignee] &c vs Garrard 268 Same vs Several 269 Same vs Cox ib Cary to Triplett Decd 270 Clerks office [viewed?] 271 [illegible] peace presented to Court 272 {Calmuze?] to Phillips lease 274 Same to Harding lease ib Carr & Co vs Peytons adx 275 Cumberford set Levy free 277 Courthouse money for [sic] put in the hands of Colo. Mountjoy 278 Casson vs Cox ib Carr & Co vs Edwards 280 Chinns admrs accts. retd. 281 Cropp vs Cary ib Clifton &c vs Cliftons Exrs 283 Carter vs Carter ib Chapman vs Waller 287 Cox Lucy Bound 289 Carter Chas. Appod. Lieutt 290

C page

Combs will proved 292 _____ Extors qual'd [qualified] ib _____ Apprs [Appraisers] appod ib Carr & Co vs Peytons adx. 295 Chapman to Strother Bond 296 Campbell tried for felony ib Carter to Triplett Decd 299 Clifton returns Guardn. acct 300 Coxs adr vs Dickenson 302 Clk allowed for tax list 303 Carberrys Exr vs Brents adx. 307 Chapman vs Armstrong ib Cockran vs Do Baptist 313 Chambers vs McFarlane 314 Combs Ivy & apprsl ret'd 317 County Levy [illegible] 319 Conner qual'd a constable 322 Carter to Porter Decd 325 Carr vs Several 326 Carr & Co vs Ralls 328 Same vs Knights adx ib Combs vs Ralls 331 Combs vs Thorn ib Carr &c vs Hedgman 333 Same vs Same ib Combs Susa. [Susanna] Bound 334 Cloe Jas. set Levy free 337 Carters will proved ib Carters Exr. qual'd 339 _____Apprs appod ib