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D Page Dent vs Bell 544 Daniel to Daniel Lease 547 Dowdall SB for Hopwood 555 Dickinson chooses guardn 563 Dowdall Comsn. 567 Doniphan complt of her husband 568 Day admr &c vs Threlkeld 571 Doniphan vs Bryant 573 Doyle pay West 575 Same pay Thornton 576 Doniphan pay Pilcher 584 Doniphan pay Pates 590 Day vs Threlkeld 593


Ennis to Brown Decd gift 7 Edwards Haden appd overseer of ye road 9 English vs Shelton case 12 Edwards & Uxr. to Hardy Deed 13 Edwards Andrew appd Inspector ib Edrington to Willott [Wittott?] Deed 61 _______Bond to Same ibid Edwards vs Fling 64 Edwards vs Williams 74 Edwards vs Jones ibid Edwards vs Brents Exors ibid Edrington to Edrington pow att 77 Edwards vs Williams 80 Edwards vs Ralls 81 Edwards vs Templeman 82 Edwards vs Edwards ib Same vs Same ib Elliston to Elliston Deed 86 Eskridge vs Foushee 89 Edwards vs Minors ibid Eskridge ve Foushee 102 Edwards vs Snelling 106 Edmondson vs Horner 107 Edmonds to Hewett Decd 109 Eustace to Eustace deed 111 Edwards vs Edwards 113 Edwards vs Waugh ib Edwards vs Edwards 114 do. vs do ib Edrington vs Dixon 118 Edwards vs Bullock 119 Edwards vs Brent 120 Edwards Andrews admrs bond 127 Edrington John tried for felony 133 Edwards vs Waugh 167 Edmondson vs [Prellock?] 169 Edmondson vs Horner 170 Edwards vs Brents Exrs 171 Eustace to Eustace Decd Gift 173 Elliston Robts. will proved 179 Edwds. vs Lee 182 Ellistons adx vs Elliston 184 ______do. vs Elliston Jr ib