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21 F Page

Finch adr. &c vs Waller 313 Faunt vs Pilcher ib Fristoe allowed to celebrate marriages 317 Fitzhugh quald. as Atto. 322 Fitzhugh vs Garrard 327 Foushee & Uxr. to Buchanan Deed 329 Flood vs Revely 332 Finch adr. &c vs [Gollohecne?] 341 Faunt vs Hardy &c 345 Fitzhugh vs Garrard 348 Fitzhugh to Several Deeds 349 Same to Riley Deed 350 Fitzhugh and Tolson agremt ib Fitzhugh to Tolson Deed 353 Same to Knight ib Same to Riley ib Fristoe vs Ralls Exors 364 Fitzhugh vs Garrard 368 Faunt vs McIntosh &c 371 Faunt vs Mason 374 Fitzhugh vs Morton Case 395 Fitzhugh to Williams lease 377 Fitzhughs bond to purchasers of his Land proved ib Fristoe Ovr. road 379 Fox returns his acct. 382 Fuller heir at Law 383 Franklin Ovr. road 384 Faunt Ovr. road 389 Furman quald as Att 401

F Page

Fristoe vs Frensly 406 Fitzhugh to Carr lease 410 Fitzhugh vs Garrard 413 Finch vs Waller 416 Fitzhugh to several leases 418 Fitzhugh to Carr do [ditto] 423 Frensly et Uxr. to bowles 424 Fitzhugh expt. [exempt] tax of 5 negroes ib Ficklin expt tax negroe 425 Fox expt. tax negro 426 Fants Ordy Licence rend [renewed] 427 Fitzhugh to Washington Deed 428 Fowke to Phillips Pow atto ib Fitzhugh expt tax 3 negroes 429 Fox SB for Taylor's assignee 430 Falles to Lawson Deed 441 Idem ad [illegible] 448 Fitzhugh vs Waugh 449 Fox SB for Tayloe 463 Fitzhughs admor v Graves 464 Fitzhugh v Walker 465 Faunt Ovr Road 469 Fox's collection acct. exad [examined] 471 Fristoe to Lyle Deed 474 Ford overchad for tax 482 Frensly to Lyon Deed 485 Fitzhugh vs Graves 487 Fisher vs [Smith?] 488

[Court clerk's note] See F again again [sic] at [illegible] after W page } 74