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22 G Page

Garrard & Fitzhugh Deed to Mountjoy & Brent 4 Grigsby to Fagans Deed ib Grants Admrs. acct settled 5 Garrard James qualify'd as Coll 6 Garrard and Fitzhugh to Brent and Mountjoy Deed 7 Guardians ordered to adjust their accts. 8 Grace vs Hughs Petn. dismissed ib Grigsby [Elisha?] appt. overseer the Road 9 Griffis Richard set Levy free ib Garrard James appd Guadn. to Go Humphries ib Grady to Fitzhugh Lease 10 Garrard Wm appointed Commssr 11 Grand Jury sworn 13 Garrard and [illegible] appd to let ye warehouse 16 Green Ambrose set Levy free 18 Gregg John appd. Major ibid Garrard James sworn as Magistrate 19 Godly Edward Ensign 20 Garrard William Ordy Licence renewed 23 Gough Francis summoned 24 Garrard Wm qualifyd as High Shff 25 Gough [decd?] will proved 29 ______Exor allowed to qualify ibid Goal [Gaol] to be repaired ibid Gough Fras. pays Wm Fritter for attence. ibid _____do [ditto] Cath Fritter ibid Gough Hannah pay Sam [illegible] ibid ______Wm Hyden do ibid ______Do. Jas Robinson ibid Garrard & Garrard Bond to the Governor 31 Grand Jury to be summoned 34 Green Calebs Admors qualify'd 36 ____________apprs. [appraisers] appd ibid Gough Thos's decd Exor.qualify'd ibid ________________apprs. [appraisers] appd. ibid Graves Elijah & Joseph bound out 55 Grand Jury sworn ibid Gough Thomas's Invy [Inventory] & Appment. retd 60 Green Calebs apprast. returned 63 _____Est acct. to be settled ibid _____Same to be divided ibid Glendenings vs Coxs Exor 69 Graham vs Hore 70 Gallaway Christians will pvd ________apprs. [appraisers] appd ________Exors qualify/d 72


Glendenings vs Cox 74 Graham vs Hoar & Peters 81 Gray Adm vs Massey 82 Same vs Same 84 Gregg vs Wright ib Gains vs McGill & Armstrong 85 Gilchrist vs [illegible] 85 Grant vs Moss & Rogers ib Grigsby vs Foley ib Grays vs Scott and Dade 86 Grand Jury to be summoned 88 Gough Thomas's Land Divided ib Garrard Wm. Sheriff bond 91 Grand Jury summoned ib Glendenings orphans vs Cox's Exrs ib Garrard Com appd an offc. Ord reference ib Grigsby et Uxr. to Doniphan 95 Glendenings Orphans vs Cox's Exrs. 96 Same vs Same 101 Garrard Wm. obtains Judgt. vs Depty Shffs 103 _________Gives bond [illegible] Sff 104 Grigsby vs Bruce 105 Goals [Gaols] to be repaired 106 Graves vs Bell ib Garrard vs Edwards ib Grand Jury to be summoned 109 Gilchrist vs [illegible] 114 Gray vs Massey ib Gray vs Gray ib Glass vs Smithy 115 Gwyn vs Brent 118 Grand Jury summoned 123 Grooms John Bound out ib Grigsby James Est divided 124 Garrard Wm Shff bond 137 Garrard James Guardn. Bond 156