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G Page

Glass vs Smithy 168 do vs Burroughs ib [ibid] Graves vs Bell 170 Grigsby vs Bruce ib _____ slaves division retd 174 Garrard & Uxr to Lawson [dd?] ib Grand Jury summoned 175 Garrard to Fristoe lease 179 Grand Jurors fined 180 Gilbert assee [assignee] vs Perry 187 Grigsby vs Underwood 188 Garrard Daniel fined 191 Governors Letter relative to commission Justice 197 Gallaways Inventory returned 200 Gregg to Lawson Deed 201 Grand Jury summoned ib Glass vs Smith 206 Do [Ditto] vs Burroughs ib Graves vs Bell 208 Grigsby vs Bruce 209 Garrard returns list taxable property 216 Grand Jury sworn 218 Gough vs Gough 224 Grigsby vs Underwood 228 Gwathins vs Brents adx 229 Gilbert vs Perry ib Gaol repaired 230 Do let 231 Glass vs Burroughs 233 Graves vs Bell 237 Grand Jury summoned 245 Gough et uxr to Brent Deed ib Gough to Brent Deed ib Gough to Brent B S proved 246 Gollohorn summoned 250 Gregory vs Hill 251 Garrard vs [illegible] 252


Godly to Antrane Deed 250 Grand Jury summoned ib Grigsby vs Bruce 263 Glass vs Burroughs 264 Grand Jury vs Several 269 Godly pay Mullen for att as witness 280 Greggs adx acct settled 280 Grand Jury sumd 293 Glass vs Burroughs 296 Grace vs Hughes 304 Goal [Gaol] protested agst 305 to be repaired ib Grand Jury sworn 309 Grace vs Hughes 310 Green Geo chooses guardn 312 Grace vs Hughes 314 Same vs Same 315 [illegible] vs Hill 328 Grace vs Hughes 329 Gardenhere vs Bredwell 331 Garrard appod Conss Land 340 Gardenhire vs Bredwell ib Garrard to Fristoe Deed 343 Grigsby Ovr Road 356 Grand Jury sworn 359 Gough vs Pritchard 354 Gregory vs Hill 369 Grand Jury several of who were presented for not giving in their property excused 378 Garrard quald as Lieut ib Goal [Gaol] prepared 379 Garrard summond 380 Gaddass Ivy [Inventory] reld 382 ______Apprs appod. ib Garrard & Uxr to Dowdall deed 391 Grady to Porch Deed ibl [Court Clerk's note] See G again after the (r) that is after W [illegible] page 71