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24 H Page

Hewit and Banks view the Fal [Falmouth] warehous[e] 3 Hughs Ralph summoned to answer Hannah [illegible] ib Hardy to Fristoe Deed 4 Same to the same ib Hedgman George served as an Ensign 5 Horton Henrys Children bound out ib Hoyt & Uxr to Walter Deed ib Hoor Elias appd guardian to Wm. Butler 9 Hedgman vs Coosonbury [alla?] ib Hansborough to Murphy Deed 10 Hewit & Cooke Commissrs ib Hooe Robert appd Guardian to [John Waugh?] 11 Hord Jesse appd Captain 12 Harding Wm app' Capt 13 Hansbrough to Murphy Deed 14 Humphrey's Guardian appd. [9?] Hansbrough to Hansbrough deed 17 Hainy James bound out ibid Hedgman to Ball lease ibid Harding Wm. qualify'd as Capt. ibid Horton to Carver Deed 18 Hay Thomas set Levy free ibid Hughs Ralph to Jones Deed 19 Hansbrough Peters will proved 25 __________Estate to be appd ibid Horton Wms will proved ibid Hunt Thomas admr Est grantd [Da'?] Mason 26 ____________appr appd ibid Horton Wms Estate appraised ibid ___________Exor qualified ibid Han[s]brough Peter Exors qualify'd 28 Hansbrough Lydias dower given her ibid Hedgman to Ball Lease 28 Hunt Thos. Inventory and apl [appraisal] retd 29 Hooe Harris appd Inspetr flour [illegible] 33 Horton Wm, appd. constable 34 Holloway James a Jury summoned to condemn an acre of ground ibid Hyden Richard to be summoned 35 Same summoned to ansr Martha Smith ibid Harrison Wms Admr. qualify'd ibid _______appsr. [appraiser] appointed ibid Horton Wms Inventory retd. 36 Holloway Jurys rept [report] concerning an acre of ground 55 Harrison Wm's Invey [Inventory] & appmt [appraisement] ib Hyden vs Hyden ibid Horton to Botts deed ibid Humphreys Jesse's will recd 57 [same] apprs. appd ibid Hyden Richard sworn to peace 58 Hoars agreement 59


Harding Charles acct Sales &c retd. 61 Harding Geo exempt from Tax 62 Hooe Harris Inspcr. 63 Harrison & Alexander to Graham Deed 64 Harding vs Moore 66 Hyden vs Hyden 67 Hensons Exr. vs Yelton 70 Holt Thos Excx. qualify'd 72 Humphreys Invy retd 75 Holt Thos, Inveny and ap' 78 Hughs to Hughs Deed 79 Hyden vs Smiths 80 Henson vs Yelton 81 Hackly vs Waughs amdr 82 Heath et Uxr vs Hewit 83 Hooe vs Horner 84 Hooe vs Bullitt ib Harrison vs Hannah 85 Hooe vs Jett 89 Harding vs Byram 92 Hords Exor vs Edwards & Garrard ib Hord vs Garrard ib Haner qualify'd as picker Tobo 93 Haney and others to Hunter BS 95 Horton vs Barby 100 Hardy John appd Oversr road 101 Hansford to Ballard 102 Hedgman et Ux to Daniel BS 104 Hansford vs Edrington ib Harding vs Byram 105 Hauge vs Elliott ib Haney vs Sharpe 106 Hords Exr vs Day 108 Hunter James Mill Estab. as [Reblee?] 109 Hensons Admr. vs Pilcher 111 Hansbrough vs Kendall 112 Hooe vs Davy ib Hansford vs Edrington ib Holloday to Garrard 113 Hackly vs Waugh ib Horton vs Jewell 114 Hoar vs Stone 115