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25 H Page

Hunter James a Jury summoned 116 Hardy vs Williams 118 Hunters vs Mountjoys 119 do [ditto] vs [illegible] ib [ibid] do vs Sharpe ib Hyden vs Hyden 120 Hyden vs Smith 121 Harding vs Byram ib Hords exr. vs Edwards 121 do vs Bruce 122 Hord Peter appd. Ovrsr. Road 123 Hoor Elias appd. Ovrsr Road from Acqila [illegible] 124 Hedgman to Daniel Deed ib Hansbrough vs Edwards ib Herndons Exrs. vs Foushee 132 Hansbrough Lydia's admn Bond 135 Hooe Roberts Guardian Bond 140 Hooes Elias admn. Bond 140 Hardings John and [Tras.?] Exrs. bond165 Hunter Jas. will [seal?] [illegible] for 167 Hackley vs Waughs adm. ib [Hooce?] vs Stone 168 Hunter vs Mountjoy ib Hardy vs Dickinson 169 Hunter vs Sharpe ib Hansbrough vs Kendall 170 Hooe vs Davy ib Hansford vs Edrington 171 Hooe vs Hume ib Hyden vs Smiths 172 Hooe vs Jett ib Harding vs Byram 172 Hansbrough vs Edwards ib Hurly vs Edwards ib Horner John nomd. Capt. 173 Hansbrough Peters Est divided 174 Hewit Richards will proved ib Hopwood John appd. Ov. road 175 Hunter Jas. has leave to build [illegible] on Rapk. but objected to by Thornton and Richards 176 Hedgman Johns Land warrt ib Horton Wm. charged wth. homicide 178 Hopwood's Ordy Licence 180

H Page

Hewits Extr. qualify'd 181

appr. [appraiser] appod ib

Hooe vs Davy 182 Henson vs Yeltons adr 184 Hammond vs Mountjoy ib Hill assee [assignee] &c vs Garrard 185 Hooe vs Hume 189 Hedgman to Daniel Deed trust 190 Hughes vs Williams 192 Hooe vs Hume 196 Hansbrough vs Fitzhugh ib Hansbrough James' will proved 198 Hyden and Gaunt allowed for repairs war[e]house 200 Hughes vs Williams 203 Hooe vs Hume ib Hunter & Taliafferro vs Larkill ib Hower vs [Lotspock?] ib Harrisons Exr vs Bredwell 203 Hackly vs Garrard 204 Hansbrough vs Waugh's Exrs 205 Hudson vs Waller 207 Harrison vs Adie ib Hardy vs Dickinson ib Hardy vs Dickinson ib Hunter vs Mountjpy ib Hunter &c vs Sharpe 208 Hansford vs Edrington 210 Hite vs Lewis ib Do vs Patton 211 Do summoned ib Harding vs Byram ib Harris vs Waller ib Herndon vs Battly 212 Holmes allowed for attendance as wit [witness] ib Hooe vs Gilpin 213