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H Page

Hansbrough vs Edwards 214 Hooe vs Davy ib Hedgman to Hardy Pow Atto 215 Hedgman to Daniel Deed ib Hill et Uxr. to Latham B L 216 Hooe vs Gilpin ib Harrison vs Adie 217 Hansbrough's Exr. qualfd. 219 …...Apprs [Appraisers] appd ib Hansbrough vs Wilson 223 Hewitt vs Cooke 224 Hooe vs Pilcher ib do [ditto] vs do ib Hunter and Co. vs Williamson 225 Hill assee [assignee] &c vs Garrard 227 Hooe vs [Sant?] 229 Hower vs [Lotspack?] ib Hansford pay Hansford atten [attendance] 233 Harrisons Exr. vs Bredwell 231 Hackly vs Garrard ib Hansbrough vs Waughs Exr 232 Hansbrough vs Edrington ib Hannard vs [Truily?] 235 [Clerk inserted] Stannard vs [illegible] Hansford vs Edrington ib Hite vs Lewis adx. ib Same vs Patton ib Hardy pay Harding attending 4 days 236 Hunter vs Mountjoy ib Hunter &c vs Sharpe ib Hooe vs Gilpin ib Hansbrough vs Wilson 239 Hunters will proved 240

H Page

Hunters will further proved 247 _____Exrs. qualified 248 _____ Appraisers appointed 249 Hardy vs Edwards 250 Hansbrough vs Fant 251 Same vs Edrington ib Hunter Horner ib Hacklys Exrs vs Garrard ib Horner &c vs Richards's Exrs 253 Hedgman to Hardy Deed 256 Holloway allowed for public work 258 Hunter &c vs Vowles 259 Hansbrough vs Edrington ib Same vs Sharpe et al ib Hunter vs Mountjoys 262 Hunter &c vs Sharpe ib Hansbroughs apprast retd 263 [Hower?] vs Lotspeke 204 Hord Peter Ovr Road 265 Hord vs Banks 268 Hansford vs Keith ib Hansbrough vs Welford 269 Horton qual'd as Constable ib Hunter allowed for Articles furnished for ye [Armey?] 271 Humprheys vs Godly 276 Harrison to Wallers Lease ib Hite Adr. &c vs Lewis 278 Same's accots. settled ib Hooe vs Davy 279 Hite adr &c vs Patton ib Hardy SB for Hedgman ib Hunter &c vs Williams ib Hansbrough vs Welford 280