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execution was servd on yor petr long after ye Tobacco was paid in Maryland, as wil appear by ye receipt, which yor petr conceives is wrong for in that case, he should have lookd on that person that imployd him for ye cash. The sd Mercer brought suit against John Maddin (one who had appeard agt him at last tryal) by ye sd Mercer and he makes ye ballance due to him 1254 t of Tob. & 25 shill. to keep ye man out of ye prison yor petr agreed with Feegen. Sd Maddins bail to hand ye risque alone half of ye damages, & your petr in his absence in England was threatned with an Execution agt his effects, ether is paid on my Acct for ye half [illegible-torn] 1983 t of Tob. and 20 shillings, the Verdict of ye [illegible-torn] of Tobacco & 25 shillings, so that ye costs in that suit in our County Court as the sd Mercer has manag’d it amounts to 3063 t &15 shillings, over and above ye Verdict of ye Jury. [Sampton?] [Donet?] demed ye court to record a deed, ye plea on ye other side was that it was a fraudulent Deed and ye Court was doubtful in it & in a hurry, ye minutes having been ordered to be read, but ye Court agreed to hear it next morning, but ye sd Mercer told ye Court we could not refuse recording ye Deed & in a menaceing mannr demed Mr. Cook ye Clerck to enter it that he was refused to have ye Deed recorded Thus as above are ye justices treated & yor petr in perticular drove to leave his affairs & come to Wmburgh in his own defence against ye practices of ye sd Mercer, yor petr believes most of ye acting justices (if well) will be here at ye time appointed. We are no bred clercks nor judges of ye niceties & distruction of sd Mercer does not only impose on us but threatens us as above if we do not receive them. And yor petr says it as ye [same?] of the acting justices that they thinck themselves capable of makeing a judgment in ye Country or County affairs, & a plain justice & equity in[illegible]ble to ye infant thats of ye Country & there education Yor petr there prays that he may be heard to as above as also to ye petition formerly giv[en] in with ye other justices that wil attend & ye people [illegible] to give testimony, in order to receive such [illegible-paper missing] in such manner as yor honors in yor [illegible-paper missing] thinck fit and your petr wil ever pray. Yor hono[illegible-paper missing] obedient & humble servt John Colvill Williamsburgh Octobr 18. 1739