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Which displeased some of the Carolina men so much that they swore if they were not allowed to kill them that they never would go a ranging again for they said it was to no purpose to range after the enemy & when they had found them not be allowed to kill them Which you must think is very hard for us to be compeld to rang & then let the enemy have liberty to kill some of us before we dare kill them at that rate we all be killed & never kill an Indian for if there is enough of them to overcome us then they are enemy but if we are too numerous for them then they are friends. upon consideration of their having no pass nor white man & by their steal of horses they did not appear any waise Life friends So the Capt told them to be easy & after DunkleBerry was gone we would go after them & kill them So Dunkleberry packt up his skins to go off & we marcht of after the Indians we over took them & past them because the Capt said that they were in such order that we could not kill them all but would wate for a better opportunity. They were a going toward the New River so the men men that had been aquinted there knew of 2 fords & they emajined they would cross at one of them but they expected that they would cross at the uper ford But we laid an ambuskaid at each ford the Capt & my Self & a partie of men at the uper ford and a party of men at the Loer ford & the Captains orders was to fire at them as they Crost the River But after we had placed our selves & sat a while 2 or 3 of the men came from the Loer ford and informed us that 2 of the Indians had crost at the Loer ford & they Did not fire at them Because they were not all together so the Capt & men went Down Toward the Loerford & as we went along we saw 4 of the Indians we did not fire at them the Capt Concluded to Ly By a while & Let them all Get together & then follow them & kill them. Soon after the other Indian followd them The Capt orders was for 12 of the best men to follow them & kill them & the remainer of the Company to Goto the Dunker fort.